Friday, September 24

joy pockets

joy may come loudly with bells on, more often, it comes quietly, in small pockets, scattered throughout the days, reminding us, no matter what, joy is always available.........
and worth spreading.

an art benefactor (!)
that made it possible for me to buy this fab book
started a sweater/jumper for my girl
received flowers
the smell of banana + cinnamon bread baking, thrice
autumn sun
what are you? (hattip pixie mama)
celebrated 14 years together
removed a minimum of 180 favourites/bookmarks
became a do follow blog mostly for #8
a friend that makes me laugh
love that letterboxing occurs
generous neighbours
watching children be boisterously carefree

tell me of your pockets of joy this week.


  1. I'm thinking about banana and cinnamon bread now. Here are some of my pockets of joy from this week: getting a compliment at the bus stop (a rarity!), finding a new book to read at the library, watching my daughter's face light up when we all laughed at one of her jokes. Happy Friday Mon. I wish you much joy :)

  2. I agree, Jenn is hilarious. I lurk her place every so often and she has me in stitches. As an expat Swede (who doen't want to go back) I especially love reading her observation on the Swedes.

    My joy pockets; feeling the baby kick like mad and marvelling at the beauty of the female body, Aoife always wanting to hold my hand when we eat next to each other at the breakfast bar, being back in the studio and making stuff, clearing tons of clutter, feeling my life is moving in the right direction for me.

  3. My joy pockets:
    What Carin just said!!!! Hi CARIN!/
    A friend who just mentioned me in her blog /
    Inhaling the aroma of freshly played-out kid /
    The most amazing piece of white chocolate truffle infused with caramel that came all the way from some small village in Greece courtesy of new co-worker's Aunt..and gave me a mouth orgasm./ That one second AFTER I've been grumpy / This joy pockets thing because after such a shit day in my self-imposed slavery (nothing to do with fab hubby), I'm forced to focus on the small, often neglected pleasures / "Mommy, I don't fee vewy goo" because he really needs me in that vulnerable moment / I could go on and on....

  4. Am furiously writing down the ingredients for that banana bread - it demands to be baked as soon as humanly possible.

    An art benefactor! Whacko!

    my joy pockets:
    making uncommonly good organic skin care from scatch with my girl, (my kitchen was part apothecary, part Dr Evil's secret laboratory).

    Spring planting and seeing everything coming back to life again.

    Completing nearly all of my work for the year - early!

    A particularly lovely pair of hemp-bamboo pants in Katherine Hepburn '40's style. Well, I'm coveting them - the joy comes from the lusting.

  5. An art benefactor?! Cool! And congrats on 14 years. :)

    -a wonderful buzzing feeling indicating I was out of my funk
    -90% off coupon for resale children's clothing
    -a speedy checkout at the craft store (insanely rare)
    -buffet lunch with my little boy who chooses to devour a plateful of veggies
    -letting my little boy pick out a chocolate bar and eat it in the shopping cart
    -more gorgeous weather, and finally line-drying my clothes again
    -rainy weather for reading more Harry Potter :)
    -seeing my 27 month old make his 16 month old friend laugh
    -hearing said 16 month old talk in his cute baby voice
    -dumping several blog subscriptions and organizing my bookmarks for the first time ever :)
    -no painters at my house since Monday
    -harvested first bunches of seedless concord grapes
    -child falls asleep in the car on the way home, and DOESN'T wake back up when I put him in bed!!

    All of those are from the past two and a half days!

  6. Love the thought of an art benefactor.
    mmm... decluttering my computer is on my list for next week.

    my list
    - AFL grand final day today in Melbourne.A great day with family relaxing.
    - the smell of chocolate cheesecake brownie baking in the oven
    - the start of a weeks holiday at home.
    - good friends, good chats....
    - receiving some books from Amazon that I have been looking forward to.
    - sun shining, summer is on its way
    - buds and flowers starting to pop out, I love spring

  7. BTW I love the flower you have taken and put in your header. Just gorgeous.

  8. Yeah, I like the flower, too. Your blog colors keep getting lighter and lighter. :)

  9. have been unwell this week, but learning lots about my body....
    your joy pockets are my joy pockets today.

  10. Joy pockets for me: sharing special times with my beautiful little girl, with whom I fall more and more in love with every single day:

    - finding a new (to us) cafe in our home town that makes chai lattes as good as the best I've tasted anywhere in the world

    - starting a new project and feeling some intellectual growth for the first time in a long time

    - beginning to feel that I am finding my place and my authentic being, which is not the being I've been thinking it was, or trying to make it be for a long time now, but has elements from here, there and everywhere and is just right for me. Seeking balance and learning what I need and when.

    I *love* letterboxing. I believe that it started out near to where we are here in Devon over a hundred years ago - I know I used to go all the time as a young girl with my best friend and her family - we never realised all the walks we were going on when we were consumed by the thrill of the hunt! You've reminded me that it is something that I want to start doing with my own family, now they are getting to the stage of being able to handle a decent walk - thanks!

  11. Your blog is wonderful and truly inspiring and full of light and kindness. :)
    My joy pockets this week have been chakras, morning pages, group work, chocolates, rain, letter writing, automatic painting, and gift giving, and now this instance dropping by your lovely blog and you. :)
    Love and kindness

  12. I love this shot. The white flowers create such a wonderful feeling. Great work.

  13. What a pretty shot.

    Thanks so much for linking up with my photography challenge :)
    You can vote for your favorite today:


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