Thursday, September 16

joy pockets

joy may come loudly with bells on, more often, it comes quietly, in small pockets, scattered throughout the days, reminding us, no matter what, joy is always available.........
and worth spreading.

entered Carin's arty/crafty giveaway
will make Sara's banana bread real soon
morning yoga
being courageous
loved being reminded of this poem by Maya Angelou, especially now
keeping my voice
discovering forgotten organic yarn
collecting walnuts with my girl
inspired by Stacy following what's right for her + family
friends who 'get' me
writing on a favourite subject
sweet surprise emails from readers
listening, to my inner voice, to others
being heard
a return to ravelry
finishing Swann's Way, Proust

tell me of your pockets of joy this week.


  1. Quietly celebrating 21 years of marriage to my best friend
    having friends round last night to share a knit and natter evening
    the sun shining between incredibly hard showers of rain
    a lovely weekend with a special friend on her home island
    Smelling the scent from the lilies my man bought for me
    collecting eggs from the hens
    cuddles from my boys
    chatting with friends while waiting for the school day to finish
    having the house to myself briefly after the hustle and bustle of boys coming and going, playing and chatting, eating and laughing

  2. You finished Swann's Way, wow! Way to go! Loving the yarn pic, too, of course! :)

    A couple joy pockets for me:

    -Chocolate snacking
    -Yarn discounts (our local store is going out of business)
    -Finishing my first cabled mittens (halfway there)
    -Mixing up some new perfumes for my shop
    -Spending time indoors with my sweetie while we experience rainy, gray skies

  3. Oh, how I enjoyed following these links. Great Discoveries. Even discovered a blog by someone here in my part of the world, always nice.
    I have some of the Pure Organic color-grown cotton yarn very much like the bamboo ones above...I started a scarf for myself with it this spring, got really busy as the season does and now am hoping I can remember the pattern I was doing, because I made it up and the only place it can be found is somewhere in the depths of my mental filing systems...

  4. Today I received a friendship cake starter. This was a huge happiness pocket and will be for the net 10+ days....

  5. I love this!!!!!!!

    -Discovering the meaning of friendship
    -Trudging up the countless stairs in Herceg Novi
    -A taste of salty sea water
    -"Mommy, what do rhinos do?"
    -The clear line between my baby's brown sugar back and his ivory white bum
    -Fitting into my skinny jeans

  6. Beautiful! And I want to take a nap in that photo. Delightful!


  7. I almost didn't comment on this one until I read the last sentence, and it hit me like a challenge. I've been so moody lately! I've been sick and not having much energy, so here goes:

    -My two year old is finally asleep.
    -My front door is red.
    -I'm enjoying reading Harry Potter for the first time.
    -I have balls of pretty wool yarn that I just dug up, and a pattern that might be easy enough for me.
    -Hot chocolate.
    -Homemade soup.
    -Yummy rolls slathered with yummy butter (only I'm sad that the rolls are all eaten, at least the memory of them is good).
    -Tulip bulbs delivered today.

    *Sigh* I only wish I had the energy to feel more excited about these treasures.

  8. Love it - thanks Monica

    My joyful pockets this week are
    - the sound of the birds chirping outside heralding the start of spring
    - the wagging tail and unconditional love of my four legged friend each morning
    - the hot chocolate fondant I shared with my friend over a cuppa and a chat
    - a nice hot cup of chai while visiting with my friends in blog land
    - a day to myself to relax, paint and create
    - daily meditation

    what a great prompt to stop and smell the roses

  9. more joy pockets, reading your replies!

    some faves...
    Hawthorn - a knit and natter evening
    green spell - indoors with my sweetie while we experience rainy, gray skies
    Jenn - The clear line between my baby's brown sugar back and his ivory white bum
    Lisa - Tulip bulbs
    Lee - a day to myself to relax, paint and create

    Maurie - i've started scarves like that... and forgotten!
    Rose - what's a cake starter?!


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