Thursday, September 2

elements of self: fave body part

juliana is asking us to explore our relationships with our bodies.... this time it's, which is our favourite body part?

funny, but i find it easy (now) to love my body, easier than liking it. love comes from somewhere deep within, connected to source. love has no limiting definition of beauty.

that connection to spirit has me loving myself, including my body.

like, however, does have specific ideas of beauty. liking means actually thinking - hey this body part is beautiful, or at least, quite nice. that's a tough one.

i like my hair, my lips, my hands, my wrists, and they're my faves. also my feet, my ears, my eyebrows, my forearms, my ankles, my chin, my neck, my collarbone, my breasts, my shoulders, my elbows.

it's odd how we can feel dislike towards our bodies, but when we take it in small packages, it feels easier. the great thing about looking at it in parts, is realising that there is more of my body i like than not.


  1. nice way to look at things..the small packages, i like this. interesting photo, beautiful hands.

  2. Cleverly photographed! I guess I like a lot of pieces of myself, too. Funny how the parts we don't like so much can just glare at us and sometimes overshadow what we do like.

  3. Oh, this is so lovely and fragmented and complicated. I love the way you did this, the way the parts are parts of a whole, and the way you say that you love all of you, and that like is such a judgmental word (how right you are). Love is entirely different and more about acceptance rather than criticism.

    Sometimes I'd rather focus on parts, and other times I quite like ALL of me, which happens mostly when I'm feeling very secure and spiritual and in tune. I guess I need to feel that way more often!

    You have lovely hands, by the way ... so graceful.

  4. I love this photo Mon, how even the photo is split up into parts- very clever! And a great way to look at things. It's so easy to look at the concentrate the things we don't like and let that overshadow all the things we do like about ourselves.

  5. what a thoughtful post and great photo

  6. I find I don't think much about liking my body. I tend to think how it moves, which part is hurting today (mid-life joints wearing out), how it feels against my clothing. I don't even look in mirrors at my clothes, but judge how it feels. It seems like I'm more in tune with my body now, than when it was young and slim and could wear and eat anything.

  7. Great photo, Mon. You have lovely hands, lovely hair, great wrists. I'm heartened that you can name so many parts of your body that you love. Good for you. I wish it were so easy for me ... I'm struggling with this one.

  8. I love this photo.
    I also love your lips.

  9. sweet post. for me it is the opposite. as a whole i love segments...i pick myself to pieces!

  10. I really, really like the way you've done this Mon. And despite, or perhaps because of the fragmented quality you've also captured an overall ease and sensuality that makes for the whole. Lovely.

    (too lazy to change my profile over)

  11. well, mine are my eyes, my calves, my lips, some days my hair!


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