Wednesday, September 1

august in review

Your reader's may have missed out on some content this month, you have new or occassional readers, or you didn't post much. Consider a Month in Review post. I know I can't keep up with all the wonderful blogs out there. Just copy & paste the headings below and add your responses.

august was crazy. it was a roller coaster. emotional lows and then huge highs. extreme heat and electrical storms. house woes and spiritual leaps.

A thought...
i place value on time or on the moment. the choice is mine.

A sound...
lightning hitting the ground around our house.

A taste...
summer peaches and nectarines.

An image...

a village view

A scent...
over-ripe plums lining the sides of our country walk

A word...

A touch...
a diaper-free bottom.

A gift for me...
started up yoga.... again...

A post you may have missed...
resistance through the signs
Tara from theorganicsister is selling her photography. go creative mama!

Did you do a review? Let me know. and a link back of course would be nice.

Lisa at My World Edenwild.
a green spell


  1. Oh my goodness Mon, I just love that picture! It's breathtaking and so romantic!

    I have to go through some of your old posts, I hardly read any blogs during August.

  2. Great idea to do a month review. I'll do that sometime.

    By the way, I'm doing a giveaway on my blog that you might like ;)

  3. Gorgeous photo. I wish I had such beauty to look out upon around our home. (Well, it's there, I just have to hunt it down.)

    I totally could have put peaches on my review for taste. I have bought so many peaches because they are so good right now. Maybe I'll add it in on mine. ;)

    Hm, and the over-ripe plums makes me think of the wafts of strawberries we missed cooking in the sun.

    I've started up yoga, too, only in baby-step form.And 'growth' is a very good word! So is 'diaper-free'--hurray!

    So glad for all the good you had in August. :)

  4. August sounds like it has been a wonderful month for you.

    I loooove that photo Mon - I love it!

  5. I absolutely agree with you about August being a tumultuous month! And how jealous I am that your little wildflower is out of diapers! Sooo exciting ... I'm hoping I have about a year left then and hopefully Luna will want to be out of them as well ... I'm thinking I'll try your method since it worked so wonderfully :).

  6. Finally got mine up today!

  7. I am joining with this quite late, I know! I have wanted to join for months, so here I am.

    The village view is stunning!

    Look forward to September in Review being a bit more timely. :)


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