Sunday, August 15

when it rains

word rain
art journal entry

what's brought down with the rain?

old memories, a clean slate, energetic connections, residual pain, bounderies, sadness, a fresh start?
sometimes rain reminds us of tears, other times we feel the relief of the washing away of what no longer works.

when words are rained upon us.... do we have the strength to let them seep in? or do we close our hearts, because it's easier, safer?

what can't you bear to hear? which words make you run for shelter?

great shifts have happened for me. shocked at the blog template?


  1. Adore the new blog design. And adore the art! The rewards that come from an open heart almost always outweight the pain. Like giving birth, we can always bear more than we think we can.

  2. I was expecting to say no but ... shocked isnt exactly the word, but surprised, yes! Its lovely though.

  3. Holy swear word. I didn't know where I was for a moment. What is going on here?! Well of course I like it! And your art...2 more sleeps till' we're in the same country and a few more after that till I invite myself over. Ready for me? :-)

  4. Amanda beautifully said.
    Jenn - we are, but the house has other ideas....

  5. beautiful post. what does it feel like to shift so greatly? i don't want to, but i always fight it. always. why would i resist something so much to the point of causing myself deep pain and frustration? it's the opening that scares me...even though i know you (and Amanda above)are right...i can;t beyond the opening. i do take comfort in the fact that i know this about myself and that perhaps just in knowing i can somehome begin to change. slowly.

    thank you for this post. the artwork is beautiful, by the way.

  6. I love the new layout. I can definitely see a shift there! :)

    I love what Amanda said.

    I'm so conscientious of other people. So when someone tells me that something I've said or done is offensive to them, I'll get very upset and nearly obsessive over it. But I still try to be brave and not hide from it. It does make me stronger.

    That's probably the worst one for me. I generally keep my heart wide open, despite how sensitive it is. I guess I just intrinsically know what Amanda said.

  7. love the new template ~ bring on the rain!

  8. I love it (I have a hard time reading on darker backgrounds)!!

    I love shifting...when it is from reflection, growth, new ideas... I love shaking it up and finding out where I end up. :)

  9. love the new blog look and the rain painting...

  10. just came over to comment about missus and saw the new template. love it! then i scrolled down and read this post...


    i've been experiencing small shifts, many times over. i can feel myself being carried, subtle and sliding and arriving. one particle at a time.


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