Sunday, May 16

what is the dark moon

Every phase of the moon is powerful, useful, and has it's particular force or energy. However, the Dark Moon offers us the most powerful time for soul diving.

It is a time of psychic death. While the New Moon is new beginnings and the Full Moon is the climax and fullest clarity, the Dark Moon is a dying, a letting go.

It is also a time of self-reflection, introspection, of going into the cave of the mind and soul. A time to be alone, still, and to listen.

When we are seeking to know ourselves, to uncover what has been murky, hidden, or an understanding just out of reach, we connect to the Dark Moon.

The Dark Moon corresponds to woman's monthly cycle, her moontime. During our moontime, we feel our best when we find quiet and solitude. This is because we are every sensitive to external energy. The Dark moon is this same time, but out there in nature.

The ensitivity of the Dark Moon means that if we do not take time to ourselves as much as possible, or at the very least minimise environmental and mental clutter, we will feel the consequences. We will feel more overwhelmed.

So we can use the sensitivity. We can tune in, connect, from our deepest selves to nature's darkest void, to find answers to our questions. Not the clarity from confusion that we can seek during the Full Moon, but rather, hidden motives, deeper desires, unconscious wishes, denied fears.

As I mentioned, it's also a time of letting go. Releasing fears, burdens, what is no longer of use to us. Everything has its time, and everything must journey through the cycle of death.

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  1. wonderful post Mon....i actually enjoy these phases -- although I'm not always as kind to myself during as I ought to be -- usually a result of not asking (read: demanding) what i need. Getting better at that boundary thing...;)


    ps. fab new layout!! simple, yet elegant...;)


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