Saturday, August 7

through the keyhole #8 - nightstand

real people, real homes
we don't care how 'unpolished' it is, we're just nosy!

as someone who gets up 4-6 times a night, i like to keep an eye on the time. so i always want a nightstand. but we didn't bring any with us to Montenegro, and now that we're in the new home... well, there are so many things we need/want to buy. but honestly, i'll happily do without a 'proper' nightstand and enjoy my piles of boxes instead. well i do admit to being bohemian.

they contain old love letters, mementos, craft bits, and forgotten what's at the bottom... the torch is there because we have blackouts.

in life BC (before child) my nightstand always held a book. now i need it to hold various child-related things as required. not too long ago, it was a thermometer.....

so, what sits beside your bed?

link below to your direct post. you have till monday night. make sure to comment or i'll miss it. and do visit each other.

next one (in 2 weeks): relax (a creative one.... where do you relax around your home?)


  1. There's something quite charming about having boxes by your least they're easily moved and replaced as needed.

    Mine's up.

  2. ~l♥ve the thought and look of the boxes filled with treasures by your bed...simple..yet funky and conveniet...mine is an antique little stand with a lamp and a clock and the bottom holds a hug pile of books and journals...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. haha I love the boxes. That's something I would do!

    I'm glad we're doing this again... I missed it a little, it's fun to see what other people do!!

  4. Looks like some of the furniture I used to have. Huh, come to think of it, I used a stack of wicker boxes as an end table before I replaced them with my nightstand. My nightstand used to have special treasures in it, too, but now it's full of children's books and diapers. lol. Time sure changes things.

    I have my post up, too.

  5. LOL, what sits beside our bed? Our kitchen sink! I'm chuckling over here ... but in a very good way.

  6. oh yes juliana, of course! lol

  7. Hi thee. Thanks for stopping by. Amongst friends is a photo challenge each week. We all submit our photos and collage them as to compare them closely. Each individual photographs the theme with their own interpretation. Please join us if you'd like. We are growing enough after this week that I may have to do two collages. I typically don't tell what each thing is or why it was taken to give time to interpret the photo connection first. I must say I am equally intrigued by your 'through the keyhole' I am looking for the original post but it isn't under the category. Maybe you could link me to it via email. I will peruse more of it soon. Cheers.Christie


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