Sunday, August 8

storm brew

lighting hit the ground around us, possibly the lightning breakers on the house itself.
sparks flew near the outside electrical switchboard.
even let the dog inside who huddled in a corner.
the girl-child and i alone.
first time i've been scared in a long time.

august break


  1. Wow, my goodness! That does sound scary. Must have been a really intense moment. I hope that isn't something that happens often out there!

  2. Usually I love storms... but not when the lightning hits so close. I wish peace for you.

  3. oooooh.

    that sounds very frightening....hope all has settled for you now.


  4. That's sounds scary! I'm with Sara, I usually love storms but that sounds a bit too close for comfort!

  5. It could almost be a Georgia O'Keeffe painting. Very powerful image in many ways.

  6. Oh, I know this feeling too well. We get lightening and thunder here quite often. A large branch almost crashed into our living room window a couple of months ago from one of the storms. I hope you are well. Much love and protection to you.

  7. Yes, the photograph is stunning, surreal.

  8. septembermon & juliana - thanks for mentioning my photography!


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