Thursday, August 19


resisted with all her might
mixed media on card

i'm a diver. right into the deep end of life. i embrace it. move into it. flow with it. take it in my stride.

but even i resist things.

i used to resist being wrong.
i used to resist help.
i used to resist less than perfect.

arrogance shadow soothed.

nowadays, i resist relaxation. actually, i always have. not completely. i can be tres lazy at the drop of a hat. but i meanthat  i'm almost always doing something, or thinking deeply.
i resist letting time slip by without productivity. and so i experience mental exhaustion. and when i resist sticking to one idea, i experience burnout.
i'm working on this.

when i think of how people resist, i often think of astrological elements.

those with strong earth (sun, ascendant, or moon in capricorn, taurus, virgo) resist change.
it can mean patience, responsibility, feet firmly on the ground.
but also stubborness, possesiveness.
in resistance, earth people risk stagnating, as well as developing physical restrictions in their bodies.

those with strong water (sun, ascendant, or moon in pisces, cancer, scorpio), resist vulnerability.
it can mean deep intuition, empathy, and healing abilities.
but also emotional chaos, paranoia, oversensitivity.
in resistance, water people risk being overwhelmed or closed-off, as well as a build up of toxins in their bodies.

those with strong air (sun, ascendant, or moon in libra, aquarius, gemini), resist being tied down.
it can mean brilliant leaps of imagination, relational awareness.
but also fickleness, avoidance.
in resistance, air people risk living in the world of ideas, being too detached, as well as exhausting the nervous system.

those with strong fire (sun, ascendant, or moon in leo, sagittarius, aries), resist being contained.
it can mean tons of enthusiasm, passion, inspiration.
but also trouble going beyond the initial fire, such as a difficulty in finishing things. or being consumed by emotion alone.
in resistance, fire people risk lack of results to show for all their passions, constant frustration, as well as burnout.

what do you resist?

thank you all for your kind words about Missus. it brought tears to my eyes to know there's such wonderful people in my life.


  1. yes, exactly that. you just described me (any probably lots of women) - as resisting relaxation. as though the world will come crashing though i don't deserve though someone will determine that i'm lazy....

    i think i get this more from my family's patterning than the sun and the moon....but i will have to check this out.

    i actually gather articles/info that inform me/remind me that deep stillness gives more energy to creative productivity.

  2. great insights here Mon. Got me thinking. I too resist relaxation, it almost needs to be imposed upon me. And if I scatter my thoughts and energy too wide, I get exhausted. I definitely relate to the air and fire forms of resistance. I definitely resist being tied down and contained.

    I resist my own tiredness, the limits of my body, I also resist structure even though my chaos can be tempered by it, and I can thrive within that. I resist softness, and patience and mindfulness and the qualities of earth which are so alien to me. I often resist the things I need most to create peace of mind.

    But the highs that come from those flights of air and fire are something else! I resist diluting that...

  3. ~you are right on with waters resistance...

    "emotional chaos & oversensitivity...water people risk being overwhelmed or closed-off"

    i and my husband are both pisces...

    i am usually the one in my family and friends who they come to...i am the comforter and peace maker...much of the time i do feel as if i am in a state of emotial chaos whether it be from their problems or mine...iit always weighs heavily upon my shoulders...i have a tendency to take words to heart, over analyze until i feel i completely understand and embrace such thoughts...i am also the one who like to take on the world which in turn leaves me overwhelmed anxious and at that point i do tend to shut wise you are in your imagine living two water babaies together raising a family...oh so much fun at times!! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. air feeds the fire....crazy, mad, wild and yes, exhausting.

    all of this resonates deeply for me (as I'm sure you already know) --

    mostly, i resist's either hell-bent-for-leather or nothing. lol

    lots of good things to think about here.

  5. Totally relate to this post. Especially the resistance of water... that's me to a T.

  6. I am resisting my mother in law big time. I'm trying hard to dig deeper than that to really dissect this relationship because it is the major stress in my life right now :(

  7. i resist being wrong. oh, do i ever. and imperfection. that's why allowing others to read my writing makes me feel (pisces!). so your comment over on my blog...your encouragement to keep writing the story i've started and to give myself permission to take years to do it...well, that softened my resistance today, and i want thank you for that, deeply.

    i'm so glad to have found your blog -- i'm definitely going to be back. your writing is beautiful.

  8. ah, i can relate to the resistance of tiredness.

    oh dear, the outlaws, yes, a point of challenge for sure. i'm impressed that you're working on it though.

    welcome sarah!

  9. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Mummybear (Slugs and Snails) is a very good friend of mine.

    Your blogs are great. I'll look forward to reading more. :)

    I have been resisting my home. Resisting committing to it, decorating it, heaping love on it, as I have felt we should move. Now there has been a shift in my thoughts on this and my perspective has changed entirely. I feel so grateful for what we have and am trying to make up for lost time by showing my home some love. It deserves some tlc.

  10. I resist too many things -- vulnerability, being tied down (the gemini in me), relaxing (like you), pleasure for pleasure's sake, attachment, and I'm sure there are other things too. These are things in my life I've been working on, which doesn't mean repressing or denying, but embracing and accepting and trying to move beyond.

    Interesting that you find you're too productive. I often find I'm not productive enough. I'm not sure whether this is true or not. Perhaps I want to do TOO much, and I never have time for it all. I have to remind myself of that.

    Thank you. This was lovely, and I loved what you wrote about all the different elements ... rings so true.

  11. welcome Laura
    ah, resisting the practical things. resisting what we think might tie us down?

    such wonderful sharing.
    i don't find i'm too productive, but rather that i struggle to not be doing and thinking i'm being productive. often i'm anything but, because i'm too scattered.


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