Saturday, August 21

elements of self... the shadow

ah, our Shadow... how do i tell you about the benefit of facing it?

it is all us...
but not all of us.

it is nothing without us...
we gain everything without it.

it is a window into who we are...
and a window of escape.

join in with self-portraits with the lovely juliana at shakti mama.


  1. that is a seriously cool photo.

  2. seriously cool.



  3. This is beautiful and mysterious and magical. I love the gold of the piece of paper (?) ...

    Now, is this a shadow of your hand holding a piece of paper? I might be wrong ... I feel like such the dense Gemini ... and you don't have to tell me either ... you might want us to guess :).

  4. thanks.

    :) no, not holding anything at all. all shadows. my hand, my hair, light from a window. play in photoshop...

  5. Fascinating shadow. Love your thoughts on shadows. I find it an elusive thing trying to describe, but perhaps that is just its nature. It's truly and extension of us, but no one snapshot of a shadow will show the whole representation of ourselves.

  6. excelent photo. I thought it looked like some ancient tree. Reminded me a bit of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', or a shadow of a Dr Seuss landscape!

  7. Very burton-esque, so I love it of course. Love it more now that I know it's your hand and hair, I was wondering what gave the spindly appearance, nicely done!


  8. very interesting. Still trying to figure out how you managed this photo. I likey~ Angie (Onreeone)

  9. burton-esque - made my day! :)


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