Tuesday, August 3

the days in photos

oh i've missed you guys! and missed blogging, and missed reading your blogs... although i have tried to keep in touch as much as possible.

the out-laws left this morning. sorry to see them go. we've had a lovely time together. mostly simple days of food, pottering about the property, the wildflower playing with her grandma..... we also had a day trip to dubrovnik, some fairground time, the beach, a funeral, guests, visits....

besides less sleep (!!) for me, and over-spoiling the wildflower, it was fab having them here. and i did have a little mental rest while they entertained the girl-child.

so i'm just here to say hi, i'm back, and here are some pics...

no point in having in-laws over if you can't get them working

the trampoline came first, but this was a close 2nd fave

patroling the grounds

fluke pose or modeling future?

walks with baba (grandma)

i'm looking forward to getting back into a rhythm.

it has been super hot, with a couple of storms. hope my friends in the north aren't melting too much.

shall we have the next through the keyhole this weekend?

oh, and that fruit from my last post looks like being a type of plum, according to general concensus and my in-laws. jenn, do you know exactly?

no month in review this month, but others have done one..
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  1. lovely to see you back again -- i've been rather absent myself - but in a good, creating-up-a-storm way...cooler temps have mobilized me..lol

    alas, we're back to melting today...

    definitely plums -- my parents had a tree that bore identical-looking fruit -- they were called 'sugar plums' because they were very sweet. Am munching on the same...just plain ol' yellow plums according to the basket....


  2. ~i yhink model indeed...she is ever so sweet! happy you had such a grand time with your family and heres to getting back to the rythms of your days...much l♥ve and light upon you always~

  3. "think" i really can spell!

  4. yay for visits with loved ones and the peace of a home newly emptied as well. welcome back :)

  5. your daughter is so gorgeous. It looks like a wonderful time for all concerned, but I do wish you more sleep!

  6. Yay for a new post..though I haven't had one in awhile with no plans for a new one...too busy :-). Absolutely LOVE the photos you posted and laughed out loud at the shot of the in-laws toiling in the garden with your caption. Super happy that you were able to get some mental time and here's to MORE SLEEP LADY! See you in exactly 2 weeks from today, or thereabouts. Not that I'm counting ;-)

  7. Yay for pictures! I love when you share pictures. Wildflower is so darling, and I love that posed shot! How adorable is that?

    I'm all ready for the keyhole post. And thanks for the link love. :)

  8. Glad to see you back. Love the pictures.

  9. Yes, we are melting here in Indiana ... soon will be puddles of sweat on the ground :).

    The photos of Wildflower are so timeless ... I absolutely love them. I love the way children are so unselfconscious with the camera ... though I remember for me this stopped when I was about nine or ten, then I became real shy.

    I feel like I've been away too, being so busy with moving and everything. I feel like I'm having to rush my blogging these days. Ah, well, things will settle down eventually.


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