Sunday, May 16

Dark Moon reflections

So we have just come out of the dark moon. All DMs are about, amongst other things, letting go, and looking into what was hidden.

This one's particular energies have been very fluid indeed. Unlike concrete Capricon, this moon asks us to contempalte the dreams and wishes behind our practical endeavours. The motivations behind our longings.

We often get caught up in what Needs to be Done, and find ourselves in a life that propels as forward by some unknown and unwanted need. Did I ask for this? Is this choice leading me towards what I truly want and need? What might be a better choice?

As I am living my dream, and moving towards more of that, I had to look deep indeed. I found that my enthusiasm for learning and community and helping, had ceated a 200+ feed reader, time spent online without anything specific to do simply because it had become a habit. For me, online time is crucial - it's an educational source, a friendship source, a creative source, and more. But it isn't everything. And when a mother has only a couple of hours a day to herself...... Time to let go.

This dark moon helped me reflect upon these things. Upon my deeper needs. So the declutteing I began this month took on some gentle fire. I closed up blogs and focused my blogging energies. I culled feeds. I realised that I cannot learn or share about all the subjects that interest me, especially those that are time-consuming, such as eco/green issues. I let others do it, who already do it so well.


  1. Ooh, I feel ya on the blogging thing. These days I come on my computer to do something specific, and once it's done, I'm like 'okay, what else can I do since I'm here?' And then it's hard to find something worth my time to read. I'm letting go, too.

  2. Love your new layout, by the way.

  3. ah, YES! (how did i miss this?) very much feeling that....doing the same myself...

    boundaries, you know -- not just the ones we place on others, but ones we need to define for ourselves.

    letting go....

    *raises mug to the grand declutter*

    much love, Dear One...xoxoxo


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