Friday, August 27

beautiful things

phew, how many of us have been, and still are, having a tough time of it? astrologically, the energies have been very difficult this year indeed. it means we've all, to one extent or another, have been experiencing big changes, difficult choices, obstacles, limitations, one step forwards two steps back......

for some it has been too much, for others, it was enough to survive. but, for those of us who have strived and fought and remained strong, we're slowly but surely coming out the other side. and oh, i can tell you, if you're still fighting through, the other side is oh so beautiful. hang in there.

much burdensome energy has lifted around me. and many beautiful things are now flowering.

we didn't have electric for 10 days or so, and have had enormous problems with it all year. if i listed for you each one you wouldn't believe it. but it's fixed.
water pump, fixed.
registration of electrics, sorted. (big deal here).
work, trickling in.
finances, tough, but we have food on the table and the occassional book or tube of paint, life is good.
life plans, open, flexible, exciting.

the hours were nowhere to be found
mixed media collage

and then, there are the creative beautiful things.

i am brimming with creativity once again. i hadn't stopped altogether, but there was a weight on me that was distracting. now, i'm popping into the studio throughout the day once again.

and, and, i have two big creative projects that will involve you, and i'm very excited about them both. one is so big, read potentially complex, that i'm taking it slow. the other is really fun and i will share it very soon. i've sent some feelers out to test the waters. as it involves others, well, i need to know if others are interested!

i have a deep soul need to be creative, to encourage creativity, to bring wonderful people together, and to Do Good in the World. i may have found at least two ways to bring this all together.

i know, all very vague right now.

i've written some more for my book. i know! yes, i'm still only getting 5hrs interrupted sleep, but where there's a fire there's a way!!

aaaaaand, i've experienced an enormous spiritual shift recently. and i so want to share it with you, but how to put words to this? i'll try soon.

but don't worry, i'm not manic. amongst all this fire is a new relationship with soothing waters. all this enthusiasm is tempered by inner peace. a peace derived from fulfilling my purpose, however painful. of being authentic. of being open to growth. of not fighting with time. and even from witnessing other beautiful women spread their wings around me.

so i've been amongst the murky shadows, of mine and of others. and it has been tough, and painful, and sad. but it's been worth it.

when we embrace darkness, accept the shadows, we come to know the light in a way that is unique.
and it's a beautiful thing.


  1. new projects!?!?! WOOOT! can i play? LOL

    yes, it's been a right bastard, hasn't it? but bigger YES, it's all unfolding in delightful ways...slow unfurlings, but the signs are there.

    feeling the financials right along with you (i've started a tube-of-paint fund...scrattings of spare change in a

    also feeling the unburdening..i feel 20 pounds lighter -- although there is a manic feel to it for me and i don't delude myself that it's all sunshine and puppies yet....but with each battle, i do feel that bit stronger.

    much love!! xo

  2. Mon this really is 'beautiful' and i can so identify with it..this one has been such a tough year, but yeh as the lightness now opens up i'm seeing so much beauty in those dark areas.

    "i have a deep soul need to be creative, to encourage creativity, to bring wonderful people together, and to Do Good in the World. i may have found at least two ways to bring this all together." - ah more beauty.. this has created big heart smiles here :) and am also feeling very intrigued about the 'potentially complex' i think i'll like this (hope i'm not speaking too soon there. :/ lol)

    Mel - am chuckling at your expressions.. and can also identify with that feeling of being 20 llb lighter.. that was my first feeling on coming out of the other side of all the crapyness this year.

  3. Amen to EVERYTHING you expressed. I am incessantly amazed by how each of us refract, dance and express the same energies with such unique flair. This year HAS been rigorous... and yet, I have never felt so strong, connected to God, and full of self respect! I am so glad you stopped by my blog to say hello! We are certainly kindred Wonder Women! And seeing your collage inspires me to dive back into visual art. It's been a while...
    So much LOVE and Gratitude,
    Athena Grace

  4. I love the collage that you made. These ideas you mention, sound exciting. I wish you all the best!

  5. so true, all your words speak to me in such a profound and truthful way - this year has been very tough for me - i left my husband of 20 years and have embarked on the very tough journey of finding myself AND caring our children in such a way that the divorce impacts them the least negatively way possible. is that even possible? i think so, especially when i remember the fighting and screaming and watching with such a sad heart, my children just shutting down and shutting us out. its been HELL, both emotionally and financially, some days i do not see the light at the end of the tunnel or worse, see it as the train barreling down on me! i thank the stars, the goddess, the universe for just wonderful women as you who have inspired and supported me though this all. i'm writing again, journaling again, even dabbling with pencil and ink! i still have a long road ahead, the healing still in progress, some nights the pain and anger threaten to overwhelm me but then, then i remember that i have friends, love, support, and i know the sun will indeed rise in the morning. light & love to you!

  6. Writing in your book?! That's wonderful! All this sounds wonderful. I'm so glad you are in a place of peace right now. I feel like I had to struggle a lot to, but starting coming out of it in the spring...and now gaining a greater level of peace as I prioritize.

    Excited about the project!

  7. Thank you for your sense of hopefulness and encouragement to fight our way to the other side of these tought times. I was told that because I was a Capricorn I would have an easier time during this phase (is this true does that make sense to you?) but if this is what easy is for me, all my compassion goes out to others.

    I am glad things are lightening.

  8. julie no, the opposite. cardinal signs (capricorn, libra, cancer, aries) are feeling it more than the others. means we also struggle the most. on the plus side, it means we can gain the most, if we do the work.

  9. Wow, Mon, reading this makes me realize how right you are about some things.

    I absolutely feel this, feel the lightness and invigoration of your words, your vision, your hope for something big and life-changing. I'm excited! There's nothing like fighting, fighting, fighting ... then realizing there's noting to fight after all ... there's only surrender to beauty and love and optimism. Okay, I realize I'm probably being too openly mushy about these things, but sometimes I can't help it!

    Anyway, I'm so thrilled for you ... and I'm sooo curious to hear about your spiritual shift. I've been wanting to read more books on the very topic lately so please do share if you have anything fascinating/revelatory. I need to get some soulwork done, especially now that I'm at my mother's, relaxing and taking it easy while Jeremy finishes our home.

    I'm sending love energy your way!


  10. the questions for the interview about parenting are ready, i would love to send them with e-mail or you tell me, how i can bring them to you.
    where can i find your e-mail addy?
    i am so looking forward to your answers!
    much love, dorothy

  11. I found this post rather inspiring! I love how you write... It's hard to explain. Thanks for the lovely post!


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