Saturday, July 10

through the keyhole #7 - windowsill

real people, real homes
we don't care how 'unpolished' it is, we're just nosy!

i couldn't decide which windowsill to share. i have something on each one. ornaments from our travels, books... but since it's been all about the studio recently, i thought i might as well share possibly my fave windowsill.

i took this shot this morning, about 6:30am, so just a soft light coming in. the sill comes under my knee it's so low, because of having to raise the floors of this old building. so it's more of a window seat. it means the light is sacrificed, but i do get this treat. it's just wide enough for my butt. i usually open one side. a breeze rides insistantly over my propped-up legs. i see the greenery of our land and beyond, and on a non-hazy day, i look up from my sketchbook and am again pleasantly surprised to find a portion of sea... stretching out into a tantalising horizon. knowing that italy is on the other side pleases me.

so, what sits on one of your windowsills?

link below to your direct post. you have till monday night. make sure to comment or i'll miss it. and do visit each other.

next week: nightstand (care of LisaC, feel free to make suggestions)


  1. I love your deep set windowsills. I love your windows, too!

    A window that looks out toward Italy...what a dreamy picture you paint. It just sounds so wonderful to sit at such a window.

  2. I love those window sills. I knew they'd be perfect for curling up on! Wonderful!

  3. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I don't have windowsills unfortunately... Which part of the Balkans you moved to, if I may ask? I was born in Eastern Europe and I too am going through the process of elimination trying to find a place where I could live a simpler life, if at all possible. Mona

  4. Oh, that's lovely. I could sit there and write and read and reflect all day long. What a beautiful spot.

  5. How about larder/pantry/similar?

  6. Oh, just missed the deadline, drat this working lark, I keep missing out on life in general!
    How about a garden gate?

  7. That looks like a really awesome place to blog. :) I love your house

  8. Beautiful windowsill, so peaceful and calm. You must be in another world altogether when you sit there and contemplate.


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