Thursday, July 8

studio + me

got the studio. can you hear my grin across the waters?

in it's previous incarnation...

the only original part of the house, we kept it but it needed a lot of work. our neighbour was born in here.

and now...

recognise that little nook from the top photo?
there will be a high bookcase where those books are piled. 
and where those boxes are there will eventually be a writing desk.

this is the tidy version

and blame shakti mama for having to see my face. not a big deal for many, but for me, well, there's hardly any pics of me in our house. i have a fine self-image, i just dislike that i don't photograph the way i really look, or perhaps i do! and i'm a private person. so, let's push the scary limits ay?

so unphotogenic + no makeup and hair needs a wash
but it's me

i'll be here on saturday with the next through the keyhole.... find a windowsill or the closest thing to it, show us what sits there.


  1. it's wonderful! I especially love the little cubbyhole type shelves in the wall by the window! I'm really endlessly happy for you.

    and I love the photo, it looks how I always think of you. Beautiful, earthed, a deep soul.

  2. thanks lovely.

    i've added before photos, hope you see them. so cool to see the transformation from a wreck to now.

  3. Thanks for sharing Mon:-) Your studio looks fab and you look beautiful!x

  4. gawd, between you and sarah I'm going to have to get

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that your studio was/is (?) an original part of the incredibly,perfectly cool is that?!?!

    Oh, the floor....*swoon*...and the light *collapse*...


    as are you...xoxoxo

  5. I love yours studio Mon, especially those deep windows. I'd love to crawl up in one of those and watch the view.

  6. It's beautiful!! It looked like rubble before and now it's like.....awesome! I'm looking forward to the next through the keyhole. Later!

  7. You did an amazing job restoring your studio. I bet you get some good strong inspirational vibes in there being as it is part of the original home. Best of luck with your creations, may they come to life as beautifully as you have.


  8. You look very nice in that photo :)

    Wonderful job with the studio! How exciting. I wish you the best with all your creative pursuits. I'm sure many inspired thoughts will come your way in that space.

  9. everywhere I go to today, photos of amazing, gorgeous, powerful women

  10. P.S. and the house looks so amazing too, talk about re-creation

  11. I love your windows! It looks like such a nice space...much roomier than what I've got. I like the cute little girl in there, too. :)

    I like your self-portrait. The more I see of them, the better idea I can get of what you look like (cause one photograph only tells so much). I guess I ought to get one of mine up.

  12. I feel such a thrill reading this Mon! That's such a fabulous studio - I love the nooks, and the light - those windows! I just loves it : ) Your studio - your very own studio - *grins back*.

    And wotcha talkin' 'bout wiv the photie? You're lovely. And what Sarah says.

  13. So great. So great. I love the windowsills that seem to be a perfect for WF's height right now. Love the pic of her looking out the window :)

  14. This is such an incredible transformation! I absolutely love it! *Sigh*. Someday, I shall have a studio too. Strange to think that I will have my office right next to the living room in the RV; I can see myself taking off constantly to do my writing because it's going to get crowded in there with three human bodies and a dog.

    You are beautiful. Your eyes ... so familiar ... as though I've met you before ... maybe in another lifetime or on another plane (if you believe that sort of thing!).

  15. I'm so glad I came back and saw the extra photos. I love them! I love old, ruined things - and it delights me to think that mess of stone was turned into something so beautiful and polished.

  16. Love, please never wear make-up. I know that you are so beautiful without even seeing you just from viewing your blog. You are my favorite blog on my list.
    Shine on!!


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