Thursday, July 15


this last couple of weeks have been about other people. you ever have those days/weeks, where on looking back you find that several people have taken up your head space, your heart space?

the lovely in-laws have been over from England. arrived on sunday and here for 3 weeks, though we hope to convince them of staying longer.

our neighbour, who has been very helpful to us (living in a 7 person village, with only 4 of us in this section), has been diagnosed with cancer and given 4-6 months. he's 64ish. he's going to Belgrade for a specialist's opinion and possible treatment.

a dear friend's relative passed away, and i felt her pain and sorrow.

a wonderful friend is searching for trust in our relationship.

a friend is struggling with dipilitating health issues and marriage breakup.

another friend is trying to find the balance between work, play, where to live. but is otherwise a happy soul.

a friend is weakening under unhelpful peer influence.

a relative continues to struggle with jealousy.

individuals' purpose within a group.

a friend announced her pregnancy with her 2nd baby. yay!

the wildflower

a distant relative, close friend, has moved closer to a place where she feels alive.

a friend discovers her artist self alongside me.

gifts from an antipodean friend (Ruth)

we're doing good. finances have eased up enough for a breather. work is slow but steady. the wilflower is healthy and happy. i'm struggling a little with her velcro-ness. i'm creating (yep, that's my collage work up there). the dog is flealess. the stone house is cool in this 35C+ heat.........

summer days......

p.s, im going to put through the keyhole on hiatus for the next couple of weeks. so many of us northerners on summer break.


  1. o.m.g - that SMILE!!! I'm smitten....

    geez, i hope you don't actually use that gorgeous towel to wipe your mucky hands on..roflmao (ah, that's my mother and her towels-that-are-just-for-show)

    lovely, reflective thoughts --- i'm very sorry to hear about your neighbour, no fleas and a cool house -- nirvana, for me, at this point...

    much love xoxox

  2. and you, my friend? how are you?

    (dont you just love the uninhibited joy that radiates from children?)

  3. hehe, if you would like to ;).

    WF looks so beaming with happiness and joy.
    Kudos to you Mama.

    The tea towel totally matches you I think :) and especially your zendalas - so cool to see it in your kitchen. Sooo pleased your stone house is cool, so much better than last summer where you guys were sweltering and WF got the prickly rash thing.
    It is sad about your neighbour.

    I have really enjoyed this lovely post. Thank you.


  4. So sorry to hear about your neighbour. Must be tough. But great to hear you parents-in-law are there. Hope you all have a fab time together. And what a gorgeous smile on that sweet girl of yours!

  5. Oh Mon! I love that gift from Ruth! Beautiful :-). And WF is so beautiful. And I think I figured out which friend I am, but as you can imagine, I am desperately trying to figure out who could possibly have trust issues WITH YOU?!!!!!!! as well as who is pregnant. So sorry to hear about the death and illnesses. So surprised to hear someone say the words "in-laws, 3 weeks and please stay longer" in the same breath...LOL! Good for you Mon. It's so utterly important to have a great relationship with one's in-laws. Can't wait to see you!

  6. sorry, I've not stopped by in ages, but have been busy with summer doings and am just now trying to catch up with my favourite people. Sounds like everything is busy with you too! Enjoy having the in-laws to stay; so sorry to hear about your neighbours struggle, cancer is such a terrible curse - my best friends mum is undergoing a course of chemo at the moment, so we are all praying for her to pull through.

    That smile could light up a thousand moments, she is such a beauty. take care, I hope I'll be back soon x

  7. It seems like you have such a life of abundance, and so I thought I'd share just one more thing with you. "Being Ourself" by Ty Clement...I think you would enjoy it greatly. Thanks for your inspiring writings...

  8. It's a truly open soul that sees what is moving the hearts of others around them. Hope you enjoy all the time together with the family.

  9. Septembermom put it so well here: "It's a truly open soul that sees what is moving the hearts of others around them." I send you much peace and joy and love :).

    I understand what it is like when others around you seem to be suffering (for me, questions that begin to arise, like why? what is the meaning of all this? etc.). So strange and beautiful too the way the world lives and dies and is reborn all at once.

    Lovely collage (you are so wonderfully talented) and Wildflower's smile is heartmelting :).

  10. your blog is just beautiful and so inspiring! thank you so much for sharing!

    best wishes to you!


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