Saturday, June 26

through the keyhole #6 - front door

real people, real homes

we don't care how 'unpolished' it is, we're just nosy!

our front door was made locally. a really simple rustic design that matches the stone house. it's stained in a lovely natural green, but the weather has made it brownish. i chose the colour partly from feng shui recommendations. it faces south. we hope to get a black wrought-iron knocker at some point. stone from our land make up the steps.

although it's right at the front of the property and therefore the quickest access into the house, we often find ourselves coming in through the side doors instead. i think it's because they lead into the heart of the home.

i took this pic at 6:30am. i don't normally view our door in the shade. most of the day it's in bright glaring sunlight.

those plant pots were simply thrust there by husband. one has a pepper plant, the other is empty. and there's debris on the side... now that's not good feng shui, better move it.... sooooo many jobs.....

i was just thinking how glad i am that i'm doing this series. in years to come it'll be great to look back and view intimate peeks of our home. i tend to photograph general views.

so, what leads you into your home?

link below to your direct post. you have till tuesday morn. make sure to comment or i'll miss it. and do visit each other.

next week: a window sill   and what sits there (or stuff next to a window if you have no sill)


  1. Love your front door! Simple, but beautiful! And those pots could make a really welcoming addition when in bloom. I've added mine above.

  2. I like the lantern by your door ;) very inviting!

    interestingly I just bought a new mat in front of our door and it really looks great.. I kept it a natural fiber seagrass, earth-friendly and it just looks so neutral and yet cleans it up so nicely! ;) I smile now when I see it. All of the storms lately and wear had run off our other one. It's surprising how small things can say so much! Where we live and the door is metal underneath so I cannot hang anything as I did in our last place. The mat is all for now, but I like it a lot! ;)...
    I like how you shared.. "real people, real homes
    we don't care how 'unpolished' it is, we're just nosy!".. so true! take care. <3 Jenn

  3. Lovely. I just love beautiful front doors. I love the stones, too. Everything about your house is so beautiful. Makes me dream of building my own some day...although not sure I'd have the patience for it!

    I'm glad I'm participating in this series, too. It will be fun to look back at all the changes...because I know there will be a LOT of changes with our house!

  4. Your front door is simple and lovely.

    I finally have a chance to join in this week.

    Take care!

  5. yeah, you have an amazing house!! thanks for sharing.

  6. I think this is a great idea! I saw it on Sara's blog and decided to join in! I love your door. I have never seen one like it!

  7. can't wait to join in! I will post a pic in the morning, soo exciting I just purchased a handmade wreath today. This is a fabulous idea. Love your door. If I had a home of my own this is similar to what our entryway would look like.

  8. I actually like that door alot. My only complaint is you can't see outside to see who is at the door.

  9. hi tracy - we have a window nearby we can peek out of... but mostly, we live up a mountain in a tiny village, people don't just turn up! ;)

  10. I had to be the oddball and post a pic of my door from the inside because after a long day of hiking and playing in the rain we were followed home by 3 seperate rainbows. One stayed to visit so I am sharing it with you, enjoy!

  11. Hey Mon! The border is on my paint shop program. I'll try to figure out how I can send it to you. Do you know how?

  12. What a beautiful and strong-looking door! We come in through the side door too, which leads to the kitchen. Both of them are really quite uninteresting, in my opinion.

  13. I like the gothic looking door handle.

    When the winds blew down the big kowhai tree out in front of our front door it cleared out a lot of stagnant energy. Now must go clear away the other wo/man boy/girl made clutter ...

  14. You have a lovely door!


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