Saturday, June 12

through the keyhole #5 - coffee table

real people, real homes

we don't care how 'unpolished' it is, we're just nosy!

our coffee table was made in India and has travelled with us from our very first home in England, through various homes there, and now all the way to Montenegro.

our style has always remained rustic and ethinic. although a couple of homes were decorated differently because we planned to sell them on. but now it sits comfortably in a home decorated just for us.

do coffee tables become the property of toddlers in every home? it's just their perfect height isn't it? it now sports some little girl scratches and marks. ours usually has books i'm perusing (one is on feng shui) and the wildflower's toys - drawing board mostly, and there's her chalkboard underneath. last night's coffee mug too, sitting on each peach, pear plum.

where do you rest your stuff?

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next week: front door (thanks to LisaC)


  1. I posted a picture (sort of) of my coffee table a couple of days ago ... ... thinking of you. I love mine. It's a big old wood thing always covered with books and plates and drawings and earrings and tea cups and computers - it's become the heart of our home.

    I love yours too.

  2. Oh I do love your coffee table.My son just literally takes over the floor, he lines his cars up, makes dens under the table and so the whole floor becomes his kingdom lol.
    Our dining table is where the whole family put their stuff though :)
    Love your beautiful blog.
    sue x

  3. I love it Mon! It's my favourite kind of coffee table! A coupla days ago I was drooling over one exactly like it in my favourite shop up t'road from my school.

    And Each Peach, Pear Plum was one of Moon's fave books every when she was a tot. It's the kind of book you want to step inside of, and sit with them gobbling up that delish-looking plum pie! Hehe.

  4. Love that coffee table, Mon! Each peach pear plum was one of Aoife's favourites for ages, but hasn't read it for a few months now (still think I know it off by heart though!)

    Will post mine as soon as I've dealt with a liquid soap accident all over the studio floor :/

  5. Love the Ahlbergs :)
    love your table too, it would sit quite nicely at our place.
    yes, they are perfect for the littlies. I really should photograph ours to show you, they are literally an artwork of graffitti, we have 2 about a metre square with dollops of all kinds of media all over. They make fantastic play houses too :)

  6. Ahhh, have to give this one a miss, I don't have a coffee table, my lounge is too small... although I do have a pouffe that tends to double as a coffee table when needed.. hmmmm, maybe I'll take a photo of that later and post it up. (Camera batteries are charging at the mo)

    I do love your coffee table, I use to have furniture of similar style, but it all got sold or given away after the break up of my marriage.

    Anyhoos. Love the photo :-)

  7. your house is beautiful! i love this picture.

  8. I love your coffee table. We like rustic here, too, but I think it's going to take some time to gather up pieces for our home. We don't have a coffee table. I had a plain one from my bachlorette days that I got at a thrift store, but we got rid of it. No room here. But now, realizing that one could make a nice place space for Michael, I wish we had one.

    We do have a big trunk chest that sort of functions as a large end table, but the place I tend to put stuff is on the night stand in Michael's room...but that's another post, I think.

  9. We have a similar coffee table and also love that "look/feel". Can't wait to sit my coffee on it :-).

  10. umm hi mon, so i clicked on the enter here button, and it wanted me to link my photo to somewhere... what does that mean?? I like the idea you have of sharing snippets of living spaces, but I'm not sure how to partcipate! Feeling a little silly now... and more than a little technologically DEclined...

  11. love this table!! these keyholes post are making me wish I had another bloggy spot actually, because I would love to post some pictures...our coffee table in Utah is a huge big sqaure one that I bought in Taos New Mexico and absolutely love...probably my favorite piece of furniture that we have - it is made from the wood of a 1920s Sears Roebuck catalog house!! That actually used to sell houses through the catalog, and this table is made from the wood recycled from one, and so beautifully done...

    P.S. I am heading to the Grand Canyon tomorrow!!! I will be sure to post pictures somewhere for you to see and experience it vicariously...although I know you will get here somedayXOXO

  12. i would love to have a coffee room in a tiny house! yours is beautiful.

  13. I love that! We had several crazy coffee table accidents (usually involving boys flying through the air from the back of a couch or something) so we got rid of a coffee table entirely for a bit, and now I have a leather ottoman with a large tray on it ... padded that way ... ;)

  14. Nice! Yes, I think that toddlers (any kids, really!) often end up taking over coffee tables...

  15. omg I love that table! And funny you mention toddler take over of the coffee table. Ours in now pushed in front of our living room window against the wall exclusively for our son lol.

  16. Your coffee table is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! I love the hardwood floors and wall color too! Yes, Luna is always pulling herself up on the coffee table and playing with whatever she can find there. For now, it is coffee table + Luna's play table :).


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