Saturday, June 5

through the keyhole #4 - shower/bath

real people, real homes

okay, ya see that byline up there? so many readers have said they would join in if they had a nicer whatever. it's not about showing off nice stuff, it's about opening up our homes to our bloggy friends.

sooo, this week... where we bathe.

showers don't photograph very well.... Lisa C will likely prove me wrong... chuckle... but here's ours.

i am totally anti-sliding-doors. detest them. you just cannot get right in there to tackle mould. we had to search hard to get a swinging door over here. it took months of waiting. we finally found one and in our price range. the tiles have a look of cream-coloured stone, well, they are stone technically. a larger shower head would be nice, but it's fine.

the bath is basically tiny and there for the Wildflower. neither Husband or i take baths. the amount of water seems so wasteful, especially for us with a limited supply now. and i get bored of continually adding hot water. friends who are into their baths were horrified at the size.

i don't like the look of the bath at all, but it was in our price range. i do like the taps (faucets). we still need to finish the paneling around it.

so where do you bathe?

add your direct post link below. you've got till tuesday. and visit each other!

next week: coffee table


  1. ~l♥ve your faucet...beautiful! our bath tub is an old porcelain one with a white backsplash...nothing fancy...i long for an old claw foot tub with a for the coffee table next week...i shall try and share! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. stone - very really really don't want to see my shower, the problem with renting is you don't always get what you want, and the previous tenants did not care for their shower well. I'd personally wish for a wet room, with stone tiles, especially as we have a big need to avoid mould. and baths - yeah, I agree with you about baths. ours is simply a place to rinse off wetsuits.

    but I might just join you next week with the coffee table, because I actually like ours. what I can see of it beneath tea cups, plates, books, papers, magazines, earrings, um a bottle of shampoo for some reason, computers ....

  3. Oh, trust me, I won't prove you wrong! Our tub/shower is not only boring, but that part of the bathroom doesn't have a light and there is no window! lol. I'm really excited to write this post and complain about it!

    Oh, and yours has a very nice clean look. Glass is nice because you can see if it is clean (others might not like that!). I love stone tile, and I like your fixtures. Nice.

  4. love the stone, love seeing pictures of your home...

  5. Renting too.. when I move next I so want a shower.. one likes yours would be marvelous..but a shower, solong it works, does.

  6. We rent too; I really do wish we were living in the RV or yurt already! It's weird documenting these things when I know we'll be moving out in less than two months! I'll be posting the picture of my bathtub tomorrow ... nothing impressive here either. Just a plain, old bathtub that we bathe in once or twice a week. It would be cute if I could get a picture of Luna playing in the bath, but that's not going to happen ... at least not anytime soon ... she hates the bath!

  7. Bathrooms have a bit of a marmite thing going -you either love them or hate them. As a student I lived in houses with dreadful bathrooms, I used to 'not look' at them, just use them and leave without actually 'seeing' how awful they were - urgh.

  8. Love your shower and stone! Like the idea of the swinging door too.

  9. Oh, no, Mon, I just posted my bath/shower post, and missed the linky thing! Oh, well, it's there if anyone wants to check it out!

  10. Aw man, I didn't know I had missed it. I was sick last week... but here's my link anyways...

  11. btw I love your shower. It's just really nice.


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