Wednesday, June 30

the studio cometh

i can't explain how excitied, or impatient, i am to be so close to having my studio. the room is the very last to get decorated. in fact, not just last in the rooms list but in the'general things we have to get done around the house' list.

but i can't keep working at the dinner table. once i started with larger canvases, and with the variety of materials i'm working with, well it's become crazy.

you can see i started to take over the kitchen work surface. at least 6 jars of brushes and pencils on the window sill. and you can't see the boxes and piles on the floor either!

the room has been used as Husband's workshop... here are a couple of before pics...

so the excruciatingly slow (or so it feels) process of getting it done out has begun. husband has cleared everything out, repaired the leak damaged walls, staining of the floor followed, now varnishing, the door is in. he's doing it all between working. which is a good thing of course, that he found some work.

and of course, my 2 million books will keep me company in there. although, i've enjoyed letting many of them set up nests around the house.

soon, so soon!

and that large canvas up there completely changed and became this...

Gathering the Winds
acrylic & ink on canvas


  1. oh Mon, i"m SO excited for you!

    I don't have a 'studio' as such (although I do call it that in my - just a corner of the bedroom and we have the Art Cave in the basement for bigger messes -- but truly, having space carved out specifically for your art? Divine!

    It's like walking into sacred space....


  2. Oh gosh that would be so lovely. My art corner is at the moment covered in clean laundry waiting for me not to feel utterly drained come the evening, and put it away.

    I never seem to have the time to paint.. crochet is fine because I can do it around the kids. Painting is a little more challenging.. or perhaps I just need not to be so precious about my materials and little finger prints that seem to mysteriously appear on the canvas!

  3. Oh how incredibly exciting for you! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed you'll have your studio space set up very soon and can spread out!

  4. ~your painting...gorgeous!! how wonderful for you to be able to have your own creative space to let your imagination run free and no time restrant of feeling the need to clean and put it all away...our table hasn't been seen in months...unfortunately for me there is not a room waiting so a beautiful mess we all accept!! can't wait to see your space when done...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  5. Okay, first of all--that painting is incredible. Beautiful.

    So, um, I think that's the first picture I've seen of your hubby...blurry, of course. :P

    I totally hate kitchen clutter and would be going mad if I lived in your house right now! (Not that our kitchen/dining table are clutter free or anything--it's a constant challenge.) lol Does the Wildflower stay out of your stuff? Michael would be into EVERYTHING, probably painting the walls and floor and himself, of course.

    Thanks for the little glimpses into your home.

  6. so exciting! I am really happy for you! The light in that room looks ravishing, and it seems like such a big space too. I hope you are able to make it exactly how you wish it to be.

    It will be interesting to see if what you produce in a dedicated space is the same sort of thing as that whic comes out of being made in the busy family kitchen.

    Will the Wildflower have her own space in it or be allowed to go about it freely as she chooses?

  7. I love this one (Gathering the Winds)

  8. I really like the colors you chose for your painting, its fabulous! Your very lucky to have a studio and it's probably better that your taking your time to get it set up correctly rather than rushing in and doing a half mast job of it. Good luck

  9. The room is gorgeous (beneath all the stuff :))! I look forward to the day when I'll have my own studio.

    Yes, you ARE an incredible painter!


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