Tuesday, June 15

housey things + dog + waste

so some guys came and earthed our mains connection, telling us that it should have been done earlier. i have a sense of lessened anxiety about this so i trust that our situation is sorted out.

unfortunately we had to pay for the water pump's electrical component that had blown up. we still don't know about the underfloor heating upstairs. overall, in replacements and blown up equipment (microwave, toaster, chargers) and labour it's cost us about 500euros.

i have issues with money, with asking for abundance.... one day soon i'll talk to you guys about it. because it's something that i feel needs to be worked through now.

on the bright side, Husband has been taking it all very well. he is the pessimist so my concern is always the situation and his reaction. but perhaps we're in such a bad state right now that even he has to shrug and carry on. chuckle

we've had builders here all week. nice bunch of lads - although wait for the bottom of this post for a cry - they've created a path and patio around the house. all from the stone on our land.

side/back door in background

today they're shuttering for stairs. they're not on our property, but as our land is higher up, we need to climb a little steep bit to get to it. so the stairs will be wonderful to have. we've been using a makeshift wooden ramp since we moved in.

you might have noticed a dog in the corner of some recent photos. well that's Missus (as in Mrs). she's a stray who has adopted us. i didn't really take to her. i fed her as i do every stray that comes into my life. but you know how some animals you have a soft spot for, and others you don't? she's a very dominant female. and dogs who aren't submissive are a bit of a concern, especially around a small child. she seems very undomesticated, almost taking my hand off when i offered her some food. my guess is that she was kept chained up and was simply a guard dog (happens a lot around here).

she hurt her paw very badly and we called the local shelter to take her. they have a vet there and would de-flea her, etc. and how do we afford to feed such a large dog anyways?

but 2 weeks on and no one has come for her. she isn't aggressive and has even become affectionate towards me. and her skinniness breaks my heart. she's grown on me. Husband has taken to her as well.

waiting for me to throw a stone for her

so we've decided to keep her. or, to allow her to keep us. Husband is buying some antiflea/tick/lice stuff from the vets. and spirits almighty she needs a bath. no idea how to attempt that, other than get a muzzle and leash. but i think she'll make an amazing watch dog once we have a closed perimeter around the property.

after losing both our little boys (Jack Russells) i didn't want to know about another pet. i can never say no to a stray though and have looked after several dogs and cats already.

the good thing about Missus is that she is woods wise, and we can let her out when we go out. and if we travel far and long, she's fine roaming around the village and the neighbour will feed her.

our last pets tied us down because we spoilt them. and one hated all other animals. Missus gets on with the local dogs (i swear they have a midnight posse going on) and in a tiny end-of-road village road safety isn't an issue. so an animal that is a fellow wild nomad fits us well.

as i was writing this post, with a view out my window, i caught one of the builders throwing out my beautifully tended compost. i had recently given it a good turn and added lots of lovely egg shells and veg. he thought it was rubbish - well... yes! and wanted to use the water butt. even worse, he didn't dump it on ground, but on building rubble. so completely wasted. i could cry!

other than that, doing art, more art, and more art.... reading proust still.


  1. glad that you have the electrical situation sorted! How sad re the compost, but on the up side, that path and side view of the house looks great.

    I'm not a big fan of dogs, so I admire you taking her on - I'd be scared out of my mind tbh, but I guess she'll make a good guard dog now that you have formed a bond together.

  2. Oh no! How frustrating about the compost! Great news about the electrics, but hope the money situation gets better for you very soon.

    Poor little Missus! hope you can nurse her back to health and happiness.

  3. Awwww....love how you said "she adopted YOU". Good luck with your new Nomad. Sorry to hear about your compost. Hope you told them so they'll know better next time. And best of luck with the house. I'm sure you will soon be heaving a big sigh of relief xo

  4. Oh no - the compost! how infuriating, but I suppose the builders saw it just as 'rubbish' and got rid of it for you....How kind. Good luck with the Missus! I am sure it will work out for you. German shepherds can be very loyal and protective, keep her on side and she may turn out to be a blessing in flea-disguise :)

  5. I know about pets adopting you. We have a cat, Hermes, who showed up at our doorstep when we moved here a year ago. We love him and his loyalty and personality, but we have to find a home for him since we'll be living in the RV for awhile ... he's an outdoor cat, as much as we'd love him to be an indoor cat, so we have to find him a place where he'll be happy.

    It's great that you let missus adopt you.

  6. Ooh, the patio/walkway is nice! So awful about your compost!

    I think I am done with adopting pets (may no more abandoned kittens find their way to me, please!). My cats currently make me want to scream every day. Makes me wish I hadn't been so protective of them in the beginning...I would love to let them run free outside now, but they have no street smarts. I used to have such a soft spot for them, but I am burnt out. But hey, sounds like the dog's a good match for you!

  7. firstly, I'm glad you're safe from the electricity situation now.

    you may not be ready for pets, but Missus seems more than a pet, and perhaps you are being called on to be her friends for this part of her journey. I'm glad you're allowing her to stay :-) She seems like something wild and magical to me.

    I'm SO sorry about your compost. If it had happened to me I would have been out there so fast, yelling, embarrassing myself. I'm glad you have more dignity! I'm trying hard to not be really aggravtaed by their ... well, it was just a mistake, so I should breathe and be thankful I live on the other side of the world, lol.

  8. Oh, I would be so upset about the compost. I get oddly emotional about mine! It just seems like such a waste when you get started and then someone accidentally throws it away... :(

  9. I am loving how that stonework is looking, Mama!

    I can't really offer any profound words of insight, or comfort, in the house maladies. You remember how it worked out for us when we moved into THE house back in October? That was a gigantic, never-ending shitstorm, and we ran as quickly as we could. haha! The house still sits empty, by the way. haha! A testament to our lunacy, I'm sure. So, no kind words...but definitely a prayer. ;)

    I love Missus...I'm a sucker for strays too.

  10. Aw I love your dog. I love her.

  11. I hope things calm down for you mama. I am such a softy for animals. I rescued a cat once (well actually I stole it... but in my defense these people were shooting it with BB guns and other various awful things) I tried really hard to give that kitty a chance but after weeks of her attacking me and tearing me up I couldn't do it anymore. She would actually jump up at my face from the ground and reach all the up to my upper arms! I was petrified of her but had seen her sweet side before those people killed it. I hated to bring her to a shelter because I knew she would be put down because she was so far gone...

    And that really stinks about your compost!!! Good thing it is one of those things you can replace though :)

  12. Oh no! I can't believe about the compost.

    I've had my own abundance issues in various forms over the years, will be interesting to get into that together...

    I have to say, Missus does make me nervous...but glad for her sake she's found you...


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