Saturday, May 29

through the keyhole #3 - cooker

real people, real homes

choosing our cooking appliances for this new home was a small ordeal. i tried (with a small child and little sleep) to research eco-friendliness, and due to power cuts we also had to be practical.

so we settled on a wood burning cooker, and a separate gas hob (top). the wood burner serves as a cooking appliance and also a heater. it ought to kick out enough heat to warm the kitchen and dining, and possibly even most of downstairs. we won't know until we experience the depths of winter here. we'll buy the flue before then.

it's only a small range, and metal rather than the ceramic that we oggled. it's supposed to be cream but we swear there's the tiniest pinkish hue there. that's my apron hanging on the right.

the gas hob is black and simply the one we could afford. but having gas, from a canister underneath, means if the power is cut and the generator packs in, we'll always have this.

that's our 'pot', for boiling water. i refuse to own a kettle. some of my herbs and spices in the back. oregano is always the closest one.

although it looks clean, it actually has some oil spatterings. i'm not the most diligent at cleaning it. my m-i-l, whom i love dearly, scrubs hers clean after every cooking.

cooking is a big part of my life. it's my most accessible creative outlet. i'm a spontaneous and erratic cook - i'll whip up a good meal out of nothing much, i don't follow recipes (although can be inspired by them), and i don't cook every day (the idea of a weekly menu plan stirs up feelings of nausea).

so where do you cook?

add your direct post link below. you've got till tuesday. and visit each other!

next week: shower and/or bath

also, i'll be making a month in review some time next week. do join in.


  1. Niiice cooker. I like the colour too. I can imagine in winter that would be so cosy to cook on, feeling the warmth of the fire at the same time.
    We have a coal range with an oven that we can cook on (and an electric oven and gas stove tops). It always feels so good cooking on that where we utilise the energy that is also used for heating and heating the water simultaneously. Doesn't happen often though but pizza in the coal range oven is sooo good! A perfect winter staple :)

  2. I feel the warmth of that cooker from that photo. It would be fun to cook there. Sorry that I haven't played along yet. I hope to be less crazy with my schedule soon. Hope all is well :)

  3. ~your cooker is wonderful...a wee bit of envy surely don't want to see a picture of where i cook...i think it is the original stove/oven from when our house was built...ugly but faithful is all i can say...wishing you a wonderful weekend...brightest blessings~

  4. I love your cooker!

    A for yesterday's post, I can't believe you are taking on Proust. Shudder. I don't think my brain could take it post-kids...

  5. It's so...charming! I love it. Our is electric, that's what came with our house. Standard, and booooring.

    No kettle? Why not? I think they're fun, although I haven't used one in years.

  6. Here's a suggestion for one: How about spice rack/cupboard/drawer? Mine sucks, but I'd love to see what others are doing!

  7. Love your range- it just oozes warmth and coziness! Ours is way too modern for me to feel really comfortable with it (goes for the whole kitchen), but it's lovely to use.

  8. I do love the range.
    My kitchen is small, with an electric range. It is definitely a work in progress...
    I cook exactly like you do...I mean exactly. I do like recipes and pictures of food for inspiration, and love the challenge of re-creating something I've eaten at a restaurant. Here's to being fearless in the kitchen!

  9. Beautiful cooker! We bought one for our yurt that looks somewhat similar to this. I'll post it up soon. I don't use a kettle either ... I've had bad luck with them for a couple of different reasons.

  10. Your cooking space is adorable. I really like the glass spice containers -- incredibly functional and visually appealing.
    So if I'm linking up, I guess that means I better go clean my stove instead of read blogs, right? Because mine is Disgusting. And, yes, I did just admit that here publicly.

  11. Oooooh, I love that stove!

    And I love what you call things even more. :)


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