Wednesday, May 19

tandem journaling

the Wildflower absolutely loves drawing on her magnetic board, and to a lesser extent on her blackboard. she has had a little experience with crayons but was more interested in throwing them about.

she has been seeing me painting and drawing for some weeks. in the last week she has asked to sit on my lap as i journal. and today she said, [Wildflower] draw.

so i gave her a journal and some crayons and she had a blast. and it was fascinating to observe. she concentrated at first on colour discovery and limited herself to circles, dots and lines. she named each colour as she used it.... purple!, drawing red...

later she moved onto drawings - elephants and happy.

and true to her Virgo Moon, this is her, on her own initiative, putting them all back neatly into their box. later of course, she threw them about for fun.

more days of messy arting together? oh i do hope so...

my journal on left


Amusing childspeak of the day:

Upon catching sight of a movie trailer of Christ with thorns on head...
Wildflower: have be careful with spikey.
Good to know the warnings sink in....


  1. How wonderful that the two of you get to enjoy this together. LOL@Spikey warning! Enjoy creating some magic together :-)

  2. Aww...

    I think we have cheap crayons...they don't color that dark. He's never shown too much interest in the crayons, although he loved to hold as many of them as possible when we first got them. He likes the magnetic board best, too. I'm just thrilled that he's been painting at all lately, and have a cute pic I've been saving to post!

  3. ah, the side-by-side art-athons are absolutely THE best...

    love it...:)

  4. how wonderful! I love that children can so easily draw "happy" :-)

    And I love her quote at the end!!

    She has a great smile.

  5. I love this! And what's she drawing there? It look like lots and lots of breasts! But then, you have to pity me for getting all Freudian on you : p

    The quote is gorgeous - made me crack up. And a very sensible observation too! hehe.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Sorry about the above - I lost my comment and then it reappeared. Conniptions.

  8. her quote - ROFL!

    I love it! I like that you made the point of her having more fun by throwing the crayons about too, lol.

  9. nettles - they're 'happy', smiles! oh that's SO Freudian!

  10. Oh I love this! It so much fun working side by side! Love that she's drawing happy. And that quote at the end- adorable and hilarious!

  11. Love that quote at the end. It's fabulous what they internalize. :)
    She is a little artist. I've been encouraging G, almost three, to draw for a year and a half and he still only spends five minutes drawing lines. I don't think it's one of his natural passions.


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