Friday, May 28

saying hi... and bits

just popping in to say hi. i have a post in draft updating the innate hitting issue.... and i'll be here tomorrow with the next keyhole... our cooker.

i do miss blogging more often, but in simplifying my life and putting focus into my passions, well, i'm more likely to choose doing art or reading. and of course, working together around the new house.

like a lot of bloggers are finding, it's not the blogging necessarily, but trying to stay in the loop. i just don't feel right blogging if i don't visit other blogs too. i set aside mondays to do the bulk of my visiting. but if i blogged more i would want to visit more.

and when the wildflower naps, if i choose to get online, i am left unrested, buzzy, scattered.

but i'm still here!

  • our fingers are still crossed in getting hooked up on broadband soonish.
  • we got ourselves a generator, yet to be installed. will sort out all the power cuts we get.
  • our new sofas arrived (you can see one in my header at bohemain shadows - you know i blog there right?)
  • i've re-started Proust's in search of lost time - read the first, swann's way, about a million years ago.
  • frustrated at the lack of art materials, but working on that. husband is searching for wood for me to paint on. otherwise happy doing whatever art i can.
  • trying to help a couple of stray dogs that have been hurt. the local shelter has a vet there but they promised to be here days ago. no way we can get the large and dominant dog into our car. so i just keep feeding them and showing them affection. 
  • i've tidied up my links on the sidebar, do let me know if you have me on your blogroll and i'll reciprocate
  • several tiny stresses, mostly financial, but otherwise, life is good
see you tomorrow...

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  1. I am right there with you - I keep pulling back on blogging and find myself MUCH more invigorated in all parts of my life. And my posts seem more alive to me when I DO blog. So I'm all for these little "news updates!" I try to do them, too, when I don't have time to post.

    BTW, can't find my darn camera cord to upload my bookshelf pic! Hopefully, I'll unearth it today before I fall WAY behind! :) Love the Keyhole series so much!

  2. I know exactly what you feel about the obligation to visit (and comment) - and its so time-consuming, even with a google reader. I don't want to be a bad friend, so I try to stay in touch, but I'm setting myself more and more boundaries - eg, I no longer comment on weblogs where the authors don't comment on mine, even if they are reading.

    Fabulous links, thank you!

  3. Ooh, I saw the pic of your sofa and it's looking very Bohemian in there! I love it! (I can't manage it myself so will have to enjoy the style vicariously through others.)

    I can't seem to get away from the computer. I keep craving the connections.

  4. Changing the privacy setting on my blog has been quite a massive change that. It has changed how I relate to blogging and feeling connected. It definitely feels more isolating. I don't like that but it means I am spending less time on here and that space I would have otherwised used for blogging is being taken up by other pursuits that are energising and creative as opposed to feeling buzzy and scattered like you experience. I still so appreciate the blogs I can read. People are generous. I would like to contribute another blog that I have that is quite different in nature but I rarely post there ... when it's the right time (when I actually have time!) it'll happen.

  5. belated thanks for the linky love mon. :)

    and i hear ya on blogging. i'm having a hard time finding the time to stay connected to other blogs. i make time to write/journal my own blog because it's "my thing" but by the time comes to read through my feeds, something else is calling (usually to be fed ;) and i fall out of the loop. :(


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