Saturday, May 1

taking it easy

Well, we're still settling in over here. Husband has been back at the apartment cleaning and repainting. So ironically, now that we're up here, he's down there. But he should be done today.

Every day on his return home he finds another picture or cloth on the wall, another box unpacked..... it's feeling like home now.

We've had a hassle with the water pump, but it seems ok since they broke apart a large rock that was lifting the main pipe up too high. Hopefully we won't need to move the whole pump then.

Every morning the Wildflower and I go for a walk down the main 'road'. I'm showing her it's best to leave alone flowers that are few and infrequent, and better to pick common ones. Fortunately, she's in love with 'spiky', which is the deflowered, deseeded dandelion! She can have as many of those as she likes.

And of course, the stone obsession.... she'll grow up an archeologist or stone mason...

Mama is sitting outside with her laptop, blogging, drinking in the free vitamin D.

The local dogs have taken to sleeping by our house - they're not stupid. Loyalty my flea-bitten behind, I would go where there is affection and meat as well. Now the ants, that's another thing altogether.

Our closest friends popped round yesterday as our first visitors. There was hugging, and food, and laughter, and three kids running about with tons of space.

I'm over the moon to be here. I'm creatively inspired, breathing in unpolluted green every day, listening only to bird song in the mornings...

 my first painting in almost 20 yrs
View from Zlijebi, mixed media, 12"x16"

Have a fab weekend everyone!

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  1. Beautiful painting! It's so exuberant and alive! I love the contrast of the colors. I wish I could paint, but I don't have artistic talent that way.

    Your post makes me think about our move to the Appalachian Mountains come August ... the air will be so much cleaner. There's a good amount of air pollution here in Indiana ... we're ranked at the top for particle pollution.

  2. oh, i've missed so much! so excited for your move to this gorgeous home...and all the creativity it has inspired!

    and yes, i love arranging cupboards too, especially when moving into a new place..overflowing with newness and possibility! have a great time ~

  3. Oh, I'm so happy for you! Congratulations. Sounds so lovely.

    You know, I am actually kind of sad the kids are over Elmo. I know there's a fair amount of anti-Sesame Street sentiment out there, but I loved it.

  4. I love that picture of the WF playing in the stones - just her and the natural product - such awe in the simple and all that exploring and experimenting she will be doing - so much profound learning going on there. Whilst I can appreciate some useful toys - like small functional things, wheelbarrows, tools etc, kids really don't need toys.

  5. I love the painting, too. I audibly drew in a breath when I saw it. Must have hit me in just the right way. Thank you for sharing it!

  6. Gorgeous painting!

    It sounds lovely, waking up so close to nature. That was my dream, it still is. (One day we will NOT live in a house with a major road right behind it!) Sorry to hear about the ants, though. I hate ants.

    I've read that article about the toys and loved it. Reaffirms my desire to keep toys to a minimum around here, and it made me feel like I can just donate the ones we don't love.

  7. Beautiful colours in that painting - don't leave it so long next time! ;)

  8. Hi Mon,
    Your painting is GORGEOUS! I felt the same as Stacy when I saw it. Really beautiful. I love how it looks all angular and fuzzy at the same time, like little cubes seen through a lens that breaks up the lines. The colors are at the same time soothing and vibrant. Kudos!! The countryside is agreeing with you beautifully!

    I can feel your relaxation in this new space. It's sounding so lovely, and I appreciate the pictures, too. I'm so happy for you, Mon!

    And thanks so much for mentioning my post!


  9. Wow! This is so beautiful. I must say I envy your ability to live out in such a wonderful place!! And for your daughter!!


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