Thursday, April 15

Thankful Anyway Thursday

It's easy to be thankful for the good stuff, can you be thankful for the not so good?
(as serious or light-hearted as you like)
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I bought a simple inexpensive locket when we visited UK last November. In it I placed my gorgeous Wildflower's lock of hair, from her dedication ceremony.

Last week, as I packed boxes for our move, it came off, somehow. She walked into the room playing with the locket.... open... the lock of hair nowhere to be seen.

I cried and cried. I was feeling emotional already.
And then she came to hug her crying mama, and we held each other.

Would I like it back? Yes.... but....

I'm thankful anyway because...
...last year I discovered my most powerful capacity for letting go, this tested me and I passed. Husband crawled around looking for the hair, I felt loved and my emotions validated.
...when I had finished grieving I knew that it was, ultimately, only a material thing.
...I was reminded that all that is priceless in this world, I already have, and it can't be taken and it can't be lost.


  1. Beautiful...

  2. I do understand, I lost the first 2 years worth of photos of my daughter when my computer died, I felt wounded and distraught but after a while new memories overtook the old. xx

  3. ~feeling si think we all at one time or another have felt...holding onto something so precious at the moment...valueing it maybe a bit more than we should and then losing it and realizing along the way that it is just a thing...a thing that can not replace what we have already in arms reach from those we l♥ve...beautiful post...and i am sorry though for your loss...valid are your feelings...

    mine oldest swallowed his first tooth...i was devastated and kept wondering why it had to happen...then realized how silly i was was a TOOTH for goodness sakes...and the tooth faerie is ever so kind...of course she would not pass him by just because there was not a tooth to be the end we all made out ok...

    we learn by living...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. I envy you your spirit. To be thankful anyway and to see the positive in this situation takes a special kind of a person, and I don't think I'd have been able to deal with it so well, certainly not without considerably more time. It's certainly a lesson I'll endeavour to remember - I do hold too much value on 'things', not in terms of material value or wanting stuff, but in terms of symbollic attachment to tokens, and not being able to let go, or see the real values in front of me. I need to practice letting go. Was there a paricular event that brought you to the position of being able to let go like this or is it something that you've practised and developed over time ? (If that's too nosy/personal, please do tell me to mind my own - I shan't be offended!)

  5. Upon reading this post I was reflecting on "things" I have lost and could not remember any. That is not to say I have not lost any, it is to say none of them were worth remembering. At the time, like you, I was devastated, but after awhile I forgot. Now talk about people, those we remember.

  6. Oh, Mon, that's beautiful, and you got me a little teary-eyed. So sorry you lost something so precious.

    I wrote my TATh but I made a very long story out of it...come by when you have time to read!

  7. Beautiful post Mon. Thank you for sharing this intimate moment of love and happiness that you felt when you saw how your husband looked for that treasure for you. It's a very touching post.

  8. It can be so hard to see the beauty that surrounds us when we are grieving.
    Such beauty and wisdom in your words. And what a dear husband. I could just picture him crawling around for you. Such love. <3

  9. Way to go hubby! So sorry to hear about the lost lock. I can only imagine. Thanks for sharing. Though I have a feeling it will turn up :-)

  10. it's been a long time since i've done a TAT. and tere is a lot i could highlight right now!


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