Friday, April 23

on the move

our set moving day was tomorrow, but the weather decided we ought to move today. the moment husband arrived with the van (thanks Steve!) it started to sprinkle rain. but the forecast is for a thundery weekend so while i was still half asleep this morning i suggested we just go for it.

because we don't need to be out until tomorrow, we can leave small boxes and return tomorrow to take up the last things on our own, and clean up.

three of our friends popped round to help, so all the big items have gone. the boys are up there now unloading. i'm here in a chaotic mess, with the Wildflower who is too disrupted with the break in routine to nap, just yet.

i'm crossing my fingers that the rain holds off as they have to make their way up a slippery ramp with heavy furniture (we need to build stairs)

i can't believe i'll have no broadband after today, i haven't even organised that dongle thingy so not sure when i'll be around again. i'm using up the last of this month's bandwidth watching art videos, taking a break for my poor unfit body.

can't believe after 2 years of building that we'll be sleeping in our little casita tonight....

 back view


  1. Yeah and Yippee and all that joyful stuff :)

  2. How exciting! Hope you sleep well in your new home tonight!

  3. ~what a beautiful home that is awaiting your arrival...may your days be filled with much l♥ve and only happiness within those doors...happy moving day for you all! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. Very exciting! So happy for you and your family :) I wish you all the best in this joyful journey.

  5. Wow!! What a house... sleep well. :)

  6. it's wonderful! I wish you all the best of comfort and peace in your new home.

  7. This is so awesomely good Mon! All the best with the move and wishing you many sweet dreams under your new roof : )

  8. You're house is so beautiful. I'm eager to see more pictures of it. So excited for you!!

    Well, hope to see you soon!

  9. Congratulations! What an exciting time - I love moving : )



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