Tuesday, April 27

mountain dwellin'

i haven't stopped in a week, but we're finally in the house... it's a good sort of tired, satisfied....

if i don't share some pics i'm going to be hunted down so here are a few of the first night and the 2nd day with the Wildflower in the kitchen. not very interesting, but it's a taste

kitchen/dining - wood cooker in back
flue needs connecting, doors need painting, splashback needs tiling...

back wall of living room
yes, we went red! but looks brighter in pic
stove needs flue, need more furniture

i've been too excited to sit down. i've waited so long to nest, really nest. so i'm putting up pictures and organising my kitchen cupboards... lurve organising cupboards, i'm not alone there, right?

living room, view into dining room
red space on wall for flat screen telly (roll eyes)

still lots to do. and the water pump is misbehaving, but we're beyond happy to be in.

poor Wildflower though, a whole new environment to accustom to - a few bruises, hurt toes, including falling down the main stairs (3rd one down) and hitting her head hard. she has adjusted perfectly well otherwise. as long as she had me in her line of vision on the first night she was fine. since then, no problems.

her favourite is the outside.... especially the stones to shovel into her bucket.

 yes, that's an Amazon book box bottom right

i'm only on a usb mobile connection for the forseeable future, so my time online is severely restricted. i just can't visit as many of you as i normally do, please forgive me for that. i tried visiting two blogs - one took too long to download, the other had word verification (HATE) that completely killed me off.

i'll keep posting here though, to update friends, and for myself of course (but MAN, uploading pics is taking me a lifetime), and i will visit you guys when i can. at the very least i'll read as much aspossible via my feedreader. i can't imagine not knowing what you're all up to.


  1. Yay! Congratulations on moving in - you must be overjoyed. :)

    Also meant to post on Wildflower's birthday to say TWO! How?!? Good times all round, I hope, and we're thinking of you in your new home. Nesting and cupboards - sounds blissful.

  2. I LOVE organising cupboards : ) Congrats on getting into the new home.

  3. Everything looks beautiful, roomy kitchen, wood floors, a wood stove! (Phillip would be jealous of that last one.) When I finally got my house I think I was color starved because I did yellow, red, and blue on the walls!

    So, my blog usually loads slow, but I just changed the number of posts showing from 10 to only 3 (I only just realized the other day that that was what made it load so slow...and all the pictures). So it loads much quicker now. Anyway, I understand you have limited time, but would be happy to see you once in a while! :)

  4. yeah for being moved and in and for such a beautiful kitchen (i have a thing for white kitchens - and weirdly tried to deny it and painted mine yellow - it's now white and i am sooooo relieved!)

    congrats :)

  5. it's all so beautiful, and more spacious, light, and modern than I expected. Enjoy your nesting! what a wonderful time this must be for you :-)

  6. looks amazing!!

    oh i hear you about the mobile connection. it kills me when i'm limited to it. :(

  7. Wonderful! I'm so happy to hear the move has gone relatively smoothly- the house looks fantastic (as I knew it would!). Can't wait to see how the library/ creative space turns out. And I so hear you on organising cupboards...

  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!! been waiting with baited breath AND I sooo woulda hunted you down. It is just so unbelievably beautiful. I am sooooooo happy for the three of you. I can't believe you're there. you're in! The floors, the cabinets, the colours, the floors!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! A few short months and I'll be chai'ing with you. 2010 is your year honey. Here's to new beginnings, fresh starts and cupboard organizing!!!!!!!!!

  9. love the doors between kitchen and living room. Your Very. Own. Place.
    Cheers to that.
    So exciting for WF to have all this new exploration.

  10. wow, it's beautiful!! what a wonderful space to settle into.


  11. Oh wow, the house looks wonderful! And I'm salivating over your kitchen!

    Glad you're in, and now able to start to make it your home.

  12. Just started looking at your blog a couple of weeks ago and would like to say, Congratulations on your new home! The photos are lovely! We'll be moving in August to Murphy (NC) where we plan on building a few yurts on an acre and a half, so I know how hectic it can be!

  13. Congratulations! Looks like everything is moving around nicely. The pictures came out great. Hope Wildflower has a "boo boo" free week!

  14. it's stunning! congratulations!

  15. thank you so much everyone. there really is a ton to do before it looks homely.

    Debbie - hate to disappoint you, but the kitchen will be painted yellow! lol

    welcome Juliana!

  16. Home. :) There is no better place. xx

  17. Congrats, Mon! It's looking lovely already. Love the floors and the spacious kitchen. I really love the red, too. It cozyifies the large spaces.

    I do so enjoy the nesting process, too, so have some great fun setting everything in its new proper place!

  18. congratulations on moving in. It all looks so lovely. Glad Wildflower is settling in, but sorry to hear about the tumble down the stairs.

    [organising cupboards is my secret guilty pleasure!!]


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