Thursday, April 1

life so far...

I wanted to do a March in Review but I have zero photos. Besides a few of the Wildflower, I don't think I've taken much more (or any!) these last 2-3 months.

So let me fill you in on what's happening around these parts.

I had an emotionally up and down time for a while there, but the end of the cycle saw everything level out. Had to sort out a couple of sticky situations, but now they are sorted out, in the main. What matters is that me, Wildflower, and Husband, are happy and content.

Mon's visual journal - friendship (dedicated to Jenn)

We can see the end of the house build. The kitchen was put in yesterday and the final fix of the plumbing should be done by beginning of next week. (you know you're not Christian when... you ask what day Easter is... ahem)
Our move in date is set for 3-4 weeks. Oh, and the leak seems to have been fixed!

I still don't know whether I can get internet access up there. I would add an exclamation point to that statement but I'm too shocked and anxious to do so.
The guys to fit the satellite were supposed to come last month.... then it they're just not answering their phones. No idea what's going on.
Unfortunately, because we're so high and far, we have only one company to go with. Obviously that's not ideal....but if they would just ARRIVE!! argh

Money - sigh - not a subject I'm comfortable with, but facts are facts. We've been tight since last July. But it has become tighter still. I'm not complaining though, because we can see hope, and so many can't. By August we should be alright. And if Husband does well with work this tourist season we'll be just fine. But right now things aren't pleasant. And it causes more stress than I like. Husband being the Provider, feels it acutely. I was fairly complacent about money BC, but now with a little one it's not such a comfortable feeling to be cutting so many corners. I haven't bought a book in 3 months I think. shock horror
I've cut my own hair for months so that I can buy some tubes of paint.... I know... crazy.

 Mon's visual journal

On that note, creating on a tight budget makes one even more creative. Really. I've had to do more things by hand, or come up with unusual materials or techniques. So I've enjoyed that. But yes, I would like to be able to buy some more supplies now. BUT I am still creating, and finding so much contentment in that.

Our oven works when it wants to... so baking has been on a hiatus. I have frozen blueberries just itching to become muffin-bound.

We're all currently ill with mild colds. No biggie, and the Wildflower was over the worst in 48hrs. Have I told you how much I love Echinacea?

Colds, alternating sunny and drizzly weather, and some lingering Wintry introspection, a couple of dark clouds hovering over us, means that I'm not really feeling the Spring energy.

But the season has arrived. And I have done some decluttering in Spring-like fashion. How I could have anything left to declutter at this stage is amazing. But we were given some clothes for the Wildflower and she has many items she's outgrown, so it's great to be bagging them up for the next baby.

So all in all a little bumpy and anxious, but happy where it matters, and with lots of hope ahead for the other stuff.


  1. hehe ... I can totally relate. I have not been able to afford to buy a book in exactly "one year and four months" (I've been counting) since hubby lost his job. But somehow I always manage to squeeze out some bucks for a ball of wool or some colour pens (secretly hehehe - dont tell anyone). I think I'd go crazy if I didnt have that little bit for myself.

    I'm very excited for you about moving in. I know the feeling all too well.

    Hope you all feel better, especially your pretty little Wildflower. Sweet.

  2. Now I'm the one left speechless.

    I wondered for a nano-second who this "Jenn" was until the word "Sincerity" stood out.

    It's beautiful. Thank you. It really is. I've been following along on your other blog and watching your videos. Been creeping more than anything because I don't feel "qualified"...ha! But know that I am on the sidelines cheering and spelling out M-O-N while doing high kicks with my pom poms.

    I am so terribly excited for the 3 of you, soon able to spread your wings and your stuff in your new home. Been following along your journey to the mountaintop since it was just a patch of land and can't believe you're almost there.

    The only way to get the satellite guy is to keep calling, like every single day, multiple times a day. How I remember THAT GUY.

    I think I speak for all of us when I say, we can't wait to see PHOTOS!

    Much love to the three of you on your renewed journey together as a family, xoxo

  3. Oh my! 3 to 4 weeks?! No internet? The NEXT baby? I've been following along both blogs but not commenting much lately... I love yr visual pages and am so grateful to watch you shift, move, respond, expand.

  4. OMG!!!! I had to go back up to read what the heck you were referring to. The next somone ELSE'S baby.
    phew!!! lmao
    We tend to pass things around the community. Baby toys, books, clothes, etc, never go to waste around here.

    Renecia, sorry that your hubby lost his job. These times have been so difficult for so many. I consider ourselves lucky. It does make it easier that we don't ask for much... but when even that gets a squeeze, sheesh!
    I hope you have abundant times ahead.

    Jenn - I SO see you with pom-poms. :D

  5. I knew you'd love the Pom Pom visual. Would you be surprised if I told you I was, in fact, a cheerleader in jr. high? tee, hee!

  6. Don't do that to me! The "next" baby????!!!!! Luckily I saw your response in the comments before I keeled over from hyperventilation.

    Its hard when you have to eek out the pennies when you've got kid. For me as a Capricorn it does something bad to my spirit. But there are compensations. And you can't get my pity from saying you have to cut your own hair. I always cut my own hair from choice. And my kid's. And my dog's. ;-)

    Good luck with the internet thing. I don't know what I'd do without you online.

  7. LOL. I knew you weren't keeping those baby clothes for yourself! heehee.

    Glad to hear the house is nearly done. Hope you can get your Internet access.

    Too bad you don't have a good library. I hardly buy any books anymore, unless it's something I'll refer to a lot. And I hate paying for haircuts. I do it once in a while but I'd rather do it myself so I can save the money for other things...though right now I have a neighbor who does it for free. I know, lucky me, right?

    I love your paintings. :)

  8. lol, well ok, technically I've been cutting my own hair for years. But I usually get it cut professionally twice a year. Just feels crappy to be in the situation to give up even that little, you know?

  9. I've cut corners this year that I didn't even know could exist, haha! But, like you, I am hopeful that the light at the end of the tunnel will come shining through any day now...

    Funny you mention colds, I literally just sneezed, and woke with a stuffy nose this morning. BLAH. The weather is beautiful, how can I get sick? Terribly inconvenient, terribly. Will start the Echinacea transfusion immediately.

    I've rarely been indoors, and have been working on the bus. It's a labor of love, but I'd really like to get on with it already. Just have it stripped, reequipped, and on the road, you know?

    I am so excited for you to be this close to the finish line!! Oh my goodness, so excited!! And, if there is an internet blackout, just tell yourself that I made it for two whole months as we moved into and out of Moldy Acres. Barely made it, but it is possible. haha! Just start sending up smoke signals, we'll be on the lookout. I know that you have plenty to keep you busy as you move. If you need a professional, gimme a call. ha!

  10. If I didn't previously know you weren't having another baby I would have assumed another baby was on your horizon!
    Great about your house Mon. A place of your own - joy - and space for a trampoline - wooo!
    I know what you mean about Easter and not being Christian - yesterday at Playcentre I had to ask - is tomorrow a public holiday? "yes, it's Good Friday". ohhhhh ... And people who I haven't seen for ages have been randomly turning up at our house with he purpose of delivering chocolate easter eggs. talk about MEMES!!! It's a truly bizarre thing when you are oblivious to what's going on in public, lol.
    So impressed you can cut your own hair.
    Glad that you 3 are well despite the bumps.

  11. I'm so glad you decided to share your art. It's, well, refreshing. I know that's a strange way to describe it, but that's what comes to mind every time.

    May everyone's money woes disappear soon. It is a whole different game with a little one. I was cutting my own hair & dealing with some hideous free cuts until I decided to go back to the salon I'd gone to in my "richer" days. Now...I trade jewelry for haircuts. :)

  12. I can't believe your move-in date is so close!! Rebirth. I do sense the money stuff is going to resolve soon...

  13. Olá, meu blog Germinando mudou de endereço, te convido a continuar seguindo-o por lá,


    Luciana Onofre

  14. What a beautiful journal Mon, it makes me want to write one full of color, full of my moods and their colors. Keep up the postitive hope and good luck with the house.


  15. A lovely photo journal Mon. I'm hoping that things get better for you financially. I know that anxiety is tough to deal with daily. Hugs.


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