Tuesday, April 20

house, a dongle & links

Our apartment is such a chaotic mess... but for a great reason... we're on the move!

We have a water pump for the well so we have running water, also hot water, electricity, gas hob, underfloor heating, flushing toilets, shower, mostly decorated, so despite still lots to do it's totally livable. I promise I'll post pics after we're settled in.

We're supposed to be out this Saturday, and over the last few weeks we have been moving boxes and stuff up to the house. So on the last couple of days it means we'll just have furniture mostly.

It's been raining and raining and raining... and we could do with a day of sun to air out some items... and hopefully have dry weather for the move itself.

take out drawers and it's practically an invitation to a kid

The satellite guys found that we couldn't get a signal from the main signal-giving-thingy, and the 2nd possibility is erm.. turned off.... sooooo I might get proper internet access in the nearish future because we've heard they'll be turning on that 2nd one soon.

Or, I'll be sticking with an internet dongle connection.

Yes, yes, I have hyperventilated. It means a slooooow connection, minimal bandwidth.... no video uploads or downloads, reduced surfing... argh. But, the good news is that because of technology, I will remain connected with friends - still blogging and (selective) bloghopping, and emailing. And fingers crossed the main connection is turned on, and we convince the satellite guys to return to us (moaning gits).

and some linky love...
Agree completely on her take on children's health checks & those boxes.
Lisa from 5 Orange Potatoes is running the Outdoor Challenge. I'm not participating myself, but love the idea.
I'm going to try Ruth's easy Sun Cake for the Summer Solstice.
Simple and effective adult acne advice from Lisa.
Carin makes a creative space of her own.
A lovely spot at bluebirdbaby.

Kids learn math easily (HT Tara)
A place to search for photos.
100 ways to screw up your life
Study says - marriage does little for child development
To stay or go - so many friends recently chatting about relocating.
Primark (UK) pulls padded bikinis aimed at girls - thanks for that.

Liked this TED talk..

And don't forget it's Earth Day on Thursday. Contrived? yes. Still worthwhile? yes.


  1. How exciting! A move to a new place! Hope all goes smoothly.

  2. Good luck with the moving! It's so exciting that you are finally getting to do this! A dream come true. I wish you clear skies and strength and luck. And a good internet connection!!

  3. Yay Mon! How I LOVE that photo of the little one. The joy! It's all coming together now my friend. Can't wait for your first blog post from the new home. So excited for you! And who's talking about moving?! Email me the latest!

  4. Wow Mon, so close! How exciting! Hope it all goes well, the weather behaves, you get your internet connection quickly. Lots of love and strength to you all during the move, xx

  5. Hurrah! Woohoo! Bloody exciting Mon! You're so very nearly there. If you can sort the satellite guys out, then the rain gods should be a diddle : )
    Wishing you the best and brightest of (non-rainy) days for your pack-up and move.

  6. that is incredibly exciting about the move. hop you get a better than dongle connection soon. All the very best best best for that.
    Thanks for the links - yayayay!!

  7. Ooh, lots to read. Thanks for the link love!

    So, wow, it's really finally happening! I almost can't believe it, what with all the trials you've had with it. Just goes to show--if you want it bad enough, you can have it. Yay!


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