Wednesday, April 7

egg hunt + tribes

As you know we don't do Easter around here, but we did participate in an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

Our little tribe of expats is keen on creating rituals and traditions for our children. We are a community by default, and they will grow up knowing they have a unique connection to these other expat kids.

So the turning of the seasons and some mainstream celebrations seem natural and obvious choices to bring us together in a special way.

I'm interested in holding a Summer Solstice celebration. One of the other gals decided to throw together an Easter egg hunt. It was sweet fun for everyone. And she made hot-cross bun,s which we can't find here in Montenegro. YUMMO! And the weather was gently warm and sunny.

I was still recovering from a bad cold, but didn't want the Wildflower to miss out. I'm suprised that, although dishevelled, I don't look a fright in the pic.

She, having watched Maisy dvds, had a good idea about the concept of finding hidden eggs. So she was all up for it. When I talked about it on the way, I said, "we're going to look for eggs, they're hiding". And she pipes up with... "in the shrub!"
She cracks me up what she hears and picks up.

And thanks for crossing your fingers for us... we got the plumber up there yesterday and back today. phew

Now, I just need internet access.... which involves buying our own satellite equipment because they simply stopped doing the whole package down in this town. And while we're prepared to pay for the whole get-up, we need to convince the installers from up North to actually make the trip down here to the coast to do the job. We've been waiting about a month. I told Husband to mention a cold beer to them. Honestly, it's how it works here.


  1. hehe - very cute. It can be hilarious the stuff they pick up. Moon loved Maisy too, and would frequently trot around sighing and declaring "oh Maisy", or "oh Eddy" in mock-exasperation.

    That's great about the plumber too. Very good to hear that it's all going ahead for you on the hoosie front!

    A Summer Solstice celebration sounds sublime : )

  2. "in the shrub" ... how cute!

    You really do look good in the pic and your baba is growing nicely.

    All the best with your internet connection.

  3. What a lovely little get together. And see, you got your hot cross buns after all lol! A summer solstice celebrations sounds really nice too.

    Good luck with getting the internet connection!

  4. sounds like a great get together - so lovely to have these rituals and celebrations and coming's together, regardless, I think, of whether we really "do" the meaning that is behind it. A celebration is a celebration, and after all, the Christian's hijacked many of the traditional festivals when creating their own celebrations (winter solstice and ostara being two perfect examples)! Fingers crossed for your internet connection. BTW, Wildflower is utterly lovely - what a gorgeous little sweetheart you have there. x

  5. You know how I feel about what you're all doing over there...absolutely fabulous. We were just getting a taste of the strong sense of expat community there before we left and oh how I miss it.

    Love the photo of you, WF and the remnants of hot crossed bun.

    Can't wait to see photos and hear about your solstice party. And that's right, ply that satellite guy with roasted whatever and cold alcohol..almost whatever it takes.

  6. i was the easter bunny for our neighborhood when i was young. i hid eggs for 50+! cold beer works in texas too!

  7. Well, if you know me, I can't pass up the egg tradition, although I would like to separate it from Easter...maybe do it the week before as more of a welcome spring tradition. I'm jealous you got to do your egg hunt was raining when we did it. Michael knew just what to do, too! And "in the shrub!" that's so cute!

    I'm curious what good hot cross buns taste like.

  8. we'd celebrate "easter" (eostre) eggs in the good old pagan tradition ... er, except for us easter is at the autumn equinox! so it doesnt really work and we just enjoy the chocolate fun.

    I love the picture. your girl is gorgeous and I especially love the look in her eyes. I know she's a toddler but seriously those eyes are about 40 years old. I guess you hear that alot.


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