Monday, March 29

a corner of my own

Since becoming a mother, the room of my own became the space of my own, which eventually became the no space of my own.

I hadn't thought about it much... dreaming of the entire room I'll get in the new house... okay, technically I'll share it with the Wildflower, but still, a whole room for books and creating!

I have a teeny tiny corner of a sofa where my laptop sits, along with current crochet project, camera, notebook and pen. When we have guests, it all gets moved. That's my space. Blink and you'll miss it.... or sit on it.

My recent 'rediscovering my creativity' journey meant I needed to stretch my space. And you know what, it was E S S E N T I A L that I did not feel guilty about it. (oh, and if you're interested in what I've been doing come visit me at Bohemain Shadows)

My small corner is......... one end of the dining table. Yup, that's it. But it's mine.

Erm... this has grown since I took the pic...
Videos!! of me creating in that space.

Everything has to move if anyone comes over for dinner, but that's rare. Otherwise, it sits there always. Plenty of room on the other end for the two of us.... as the Wildflower doesn't eat sitting down, or at a different time, or sits in my lap.

Is it a mess? Yes! A lovely lovely mess. okay, I do tidy up if I'm not working on anything.
Does it take up room that could be used for, say, a fruit bowl, or flower vase? Yes!

I don't care how small, but all us mothers need a space that is ours, that doesn't have to be tidied up (or not too often anyway), or have things damaged or moved. Even if it's just the corner of a corner of a sofa, or dining table, or closet. Even if it's a mobile space, that is dismantled after use.

Creativity needs to breath, and it IS possible to breath within limits, or so I'm learning.

Small Creative Spaces

The tiny closet-turned-studio of the woman who runs Oliver + S.

Another closet.

My own corner is temporary, so organisation isn't an issue. Although for the sake of not spilling out everywhere I have implemented several boxes to store things. But for a more permanent space, organisation and storage is KEY.

And another - sewing station.

How much space to write?
Jane Austen's 'desk'.

Has not having your own space hindered your creativity? Do you yearn for a bigger space? Are you still trying to crave out that niche? Do you feel guilty claiming precious space as your own? Are you fortunate enough to have a lovely big space? Tell me about where you create!

I peruse creative spaces on flickr all the time. I just find the space where someone creates as inspirational as looking at creative projects.

Btw, anyone read this month's Book Club Mamas title - The Joy Luck Club?


  1. I love the little space you created for yourself! A small space of our own is so important and it doesn't matter where it is as long as it's made up of the things that make us smile :)

  2. I love Jane Austen's tiny table by the window! Did she really write all those wonderful novels there? Wow!

  3. I long for a little place to call my own. Alas I live in a small house with no room to spare!

  4. Debra - as far as we know, yes she did!

    Missy - not even a corner of a table?

  5. You're reading my mind...AGAIN! I love you're little space to create. And I agree, having some semblance of a space to create is important.

    I have several. I set up a little sewing space in the guest bedroom last year in the hope it would inspire me to learn to hasn't. I cross-stitch and crochet on the living room sofa and keep a couple of baskets for WIPs nearby. I do art at the kitchen breakfast bar. But the funny thing is, we have an office in the garage at the bottom of the garden. It would make a handy studio. I could really set it up as a room of my own and have all my stuff in one place, but I can't stand doing creative work there. It's dark, has an odd energy about it and makes me feel isolated. So until I work out how to solve all those things, I'll happily spread out wherever I can.

  6. We actually have an extra room in this space we moved into last spring - we call it the office - but it's kinda seem as mine and when I need to I come in here and shut the door - everyone sees this and tries to leave me be for a while and knocks if they must enter - for me, this space means so much - it is like a little present everyday :)

  7. Love your Creative Corner Mon and really looking forward to seeing you spread your wings up at the new house! I'm amazed at how much we have in common Mon: My Creative Corner is ALSO the end of our dining room table! ha!

    So good to see you expressing yourself in full colo(u)r! xo

  8. I've not read that book; but I've read the other Amy Tan books and enjoyed them a lot.

    Love your little corner. I tidied and rearrange my bedroom on Sunday and now have a little space for my easel, where hopefully, I'll get too with painting and my wool stash is in a box on the shelves etc.. just feels better to be a bit more organised.

  9. I used to crave space. I would make myself a desk somewhere, but I could never get it how I wanted. But as my dd grew older, I found I could achieve a sense of space for myself just within my own head. Now I have my computer on the coffee table infront of me, and that is all, and its enough. Oh, and I love having my own bedroom!!

  10. I could say i´m fortunate to have a room for myself, but, the thing is that my very own creative room is filled with laundry, toys, hanging clothes and a lot of "useful" things that don´t belong there but are there while i organize better and find a place for everything.
    Right know mi room is a mess, i´ve been painting it and working on it, but i haven´t finish and the solely idea to start cleaning there gives me chills.
    But again, that´s my room, and i soooo need a place where to sit and just be me, without interruptions, just me:thinking, reading, creating or whatever i want to do for at least half hour!
    So, i´ll be firm and star today doing a little thing in order to regain my place, a happy, beautiful and peaceful place, even if i still have to share it, jejeje.

    Yes, i have read THE JOY CLUB and found it very interesting, moving and emotionally complex, because when i read it, i couldn´t stop thinking of my mom and how sad it is that relationships between mother and daughters so often tend to be caotian painful in spite of all the love there is.
    Well, that would take and entire post to talk about, but i enjoyed it and made me reflect a lot.
    Hugs Mon, and hurra for your space, your art, and your videos!

  11. I feel spoiled. I have my own room, my "office." I insisted I needed one when we went house shopping. DH once suggested we could put a bed in there for guests, and I was appalled and said no way! There is no room for a bed anyway. It's full. My books are in there (well, some of them, I could probably fill an entire wall top to bottom if I had them all out!), the filing cabinet (non-creative stuff), my computer desk, and my work table with my sewing machine, printer, and space for projects. The closet is full of supplies. I'd like to put a writing desk in there, too, but it would be rather crammed then.

    Here are some pictures from when it was all cleaned up:

    I do feel bad that DH doesn't have a space of his own, but I don't feel guilty for having mine!

  12. love, love, love your wee creative space!

  13. I actually love having my creative space in the bedroom. I wake up and see stories (jewelry) waiting to happen! I used to have all of Z's room, but something about my little corner feels more spacious than an entire room. I think it's all about the light for me.

    In my dreams I have a space in an amazing old house with high ceilings, sunlight beaming through windows, and plants galore....future creative space...maybe?

  14. just realized i flaked on Book Club Mamas. I read Joy Luck Club long ago and liked it, so I probably would have re-read. But now I have a queue of books that just came in from the library - The Help, which has been on the bestseller list here for ages, and Carpenteria by Alexis Wright, have you heard of her, she is apparently Australian and this novel is aboriginal-based. Can't remember how it ended up on my library request list, must have read about it somewhere...


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