Monday, February 15

water & fire

Do you prefer the good or the bad first? Let's go for the bad, I like to end on a positive note.

We have had severe leaks in the new house. Severe and mind-boggling. Husband has been trying to sort it out on and off for months, getting to it partly dictated by the weather. There was an existing barn, which we converted and put a flat roof on, that we built our new house against. It leaks at the join. Or so we thought...

So thinking it's the joint, all the focus has been on that. Long and dull story short, after sealing and working on the flat roof the leak remained. Many hours and gallons of water, from our well, were used to experiment. It seems the problem is the inferior mortar used to point the main house. So it's coming in through the wall! Fortunately, Husband sealed the walls using two different sealants on alternate walls, so it looks like only two ends pose a problem. All our hopes are now pinned on further sealant solving the problem.

It has depressed Husband and has set us back on our moving in date. You see, we have had leak and mold issues in this apartment. The new house was all about the insulation etc etc, to make it mold proof. And we have water just coming right on in soaking the walls. Horrible.

I started to go through our boxes here to prepare to move some to the new place soon, where it's drier. We found mold all over the place. I had to throw away a couple of books, few clothes, and my photography major work from university. Heartbreaking. But it's just stuff, right? sigh

So.... onto the good.

There has been a fire in the making over the last year or two. Those of you who've been here awhile know that I have been slowly, occassionally painfully, often amusingly, re-finding my creative self.

Through navel-gazing, soul exploring, and dialogue with wonderful friends, I have emerged and shifted. I took the last few days (during the exploratory dark moon) to sit with all I've come to realise and see what came of it.
What's come of it is nothing short of transformational. Probably won't look like much to the outside world, but inside, I've broken free.

Essentially, it means I'm going to be more creative, actively so. I have, and will continue to, deal with a lot of Fears connected to my creativity. And I'm going to put that into my work as well. But I'll be posting all about it in detail soon because I want to, and because the process and discoveries might help someone else.

It's time that little girl who was told to colour inside the lines, the woman who struggles with what is of 'value', and the mind dominated by the left, be pulled out from under the rubble.

And you know I've been all about community too, so I'll love for you to take this journey along side me, with your own paints and pens. If you can't draw, haven't touched paints since early school, or get a rash at the thought of 'doing art', then you're in good company. If you're brave and ready...


  1. Too bad about the house. But knowing what the problem is allows you to fix it and hopefully everything will turn out okay. And great to hear about your impending exploration of your creativity! You go, girl!

  2. Sorry to read about your house problems. I hope so much you can fix them within your tolerance and budget levels.

    The art is stunning. I love it!! I'm so happy you are feeling creative again.

  3. I was totally planning on sharing some of my art on my new blog, so I'm definitely in with you on this!

    And so sorry about the house! Mold is so so awful. I hope you guys can make it all better, and soon!

  4. Mold is not good, we had our fair share about 3 years ago, not a fun process.

    I love your work! You are doing fantastic. I just might take you up on this. So strange, but yesterday, I was talking to my husband about my art, I used to draw, a lot, before my oldest daughter was born. My best friend wanted me to illustrate a book she was working on. She is moving forward with it and my husband asked me if I was still planning on doing the illustration. My answer, "No, I don't feel it". Why, because I have been out of my element for so long. He suggests I get back into the groove. Maybe this is what I need, find my creative side again.

  5. Well, you know my thoughts on mold & water damage! I'd rather have a lobotomy than go through that nightmare again...

    I am so glad you are grooving in your creative headspace again, Mon! I cannot wait to see what you share here! I recently dabbled in some mixed media art, and think I might hooked already. Friends warned me it could only take one time. I didn't listen.

    Good luck with the renovations, may they be speedy and cost efficient!

  6. I´m sorry you´re dealing with mold and leaks, hoping everything turn out well and resolve as soon as posible.
    And, on the other side, BRAVO and thanks for showing your beautiful art, i would love to see more of it!

  7. How incredibly disheartening to have to deal with even more mould issues. Hope they get resolved soon.

    Your snippets of art shown are fab, can't wait to share in your journey and hopefully pick up my pencils and brushes alongside you!

  8. Great art work....I so want to embroider that lady onto my tee shirt!

  9. One of the exciting things about our upcoming "move" is the impending feeling of *creativity* I can sense is creeping up. I've felt so drained of inspiration for so many years and this seems like just the spark needed to reignite the fires! I don't know what my art will shape up to be - probably lots of photography and writing and maybe drawing and painting - but whatever it is I'll be right there with ya!

  10. I'm so glad to hear that I'll get to see some of the art you guys create! woohoo.

    Tara, I think sometimes because of how we've allowed life to become, it needs a big shake up to get the juices flowing again. You'll be on a continual shake and roll!

  11. Cool! It's great to be so excited about the future. Mould is horrible though. Having a house sometimes feels like one long battle to keep the outside out. We tread in dirt, we sweep it up and put it out again. We get damp, we stop up the holes and dry the walls, then the water magically finds a new way in... And so it goes on. If only if wasn't so cold we could live a little more in harmony with the outside world.

  12. very cool doodlings, enjoy your journey beyond those lines.. look forward to seeing more of your art :)

  13. Hum - I hear you on the mould issue; our house too suffers from damp, in our case because it's been rendered in cement-based stuff for years, and, cob being a breathable material, needs lime to let the moisture out. So, bit by bit, we're replacing it; time-consuming, and I've lost quite a few possessions while we wait out the evaporation! But, as you say, it's just stuff...

    And yay! for rediscovering your artistic self - looking forward to seeing more of the same. I recently finished a watercolour pencil picture for the small girl which I started when pregnant; I love drawing, and would really miss it in my life.

  14. DAMN MONTENEGRIN MOULD!!!!!!!! It was the bane of my existence for 2.5 years so I feel your pain there Mon. But the house WILL sort itself, the leak will be fixed and you WILL move in. Positive vibes being sent your way. I had no idea your creative talents extended beyond the written word like that! Beautiful...and no, you will NOT be seeing my "art". And be thankful for that.

  15. your art is so similar to that of my ex's! spooky! but awesome!

    i'll join you. i'm trying new things w/my jewelry.

    can you change the pitch of the flat roof?

  16. I love those drawings - look forward to seeing more : ) I have been taking pottery classes and making some greeting cards which I'll be posting on. It will be fun to see everyone sharing their creations!

  17. I didn't realize your creativity was in drawing too, I kept interpreting it as in writing, or design...thanks for sharing some of your drawings, I am excited you are sharing this process here, and that HM is growing with you (you got us all worried when you sounded like you might sign off here:-)

    We had mold problems in Utah too. Not fun. I am sorry you are hitting so many obstacles/opposition re: the new house:-(
    I know you mentioned having a ton of lemons around you awhile back, if you still do, you might want to spray some lemon water around your place to 'freshen' the air if you don't already. Someone told me to use lemon essential oil for this when we had our problems (personally I have always loved the smell of lemon anyway...)

  18. I am not sure how brave (or artistic) I am but I am sure as hell ready to try.

  19. Yayayayay!! This is my favourite post that I missed, so glad I scrolled down for something else!
    I loove your doodles.
    Ok Mon, am with you for sure... I haven't done art for a few months now, apart from a few sketches of Lboy. I'm about to put a couple of pic in an exhibition, but that's oring to me. The outcomes are no way as exciting as the process. So I'll make it my mission to do a tiny bit whenever I can... this may mean once per week at this point :)


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