Wednesday, February 3

carrying on

Hello lovely people, thank you so much for your words and your emails. I won't be leaving HM, it has too much sentiment for me, and as I said in my last post, I don't want to make a rash decision.

Turtle Oak - I understand that irrational violence. I think that any blog that is quite focused on certain topics, has the potential to feel stifling. Then, even the colour scheme or name can feel like a weight. I think only bloggers whose blogs are much more than just a blog, understand this. For me, it has been a lifeline, as a mother, as an expat in a non-English-speaking country who was housebound for many months, as a creative', and as a person desiring regular worthwhile dialogue. And that's why I thanked you all, because that's what you gave me.

I have been playing with other blogs for some time, trying to find an outlet for non-mothering topics. And I keep closing them down.
The conflict was that HM was my main blog, and I kept the other blogs focused on one or two topics. Whereas now, after this corner I've turned, I know I need to make another blog the main one, or at least have it on equal standing.

I've decided to keep Holistic Mama open. I know that I still want to write the Wildflower's developmental records and occassional daily goings on, and recipes, and home stuff, and crochet, and child-media-culture issues that boil my blood, etc, etc. And obviously there will be mama challenges that I'll want your opinions/advice/support on. I mean, toilet learning is just around the corner, yikes.
I will likely import all my children's book reviews here too. See, she tells herself, still so much to share!

And as an update, I wanted to share that the Wildflower is done with the worst of her teething (just those far back ones to come at a later date) and she is SOOOOO much happier. And thus mama is no longer tearing her hair out. Lots of fun and giggles now amongst the minor challenges. And who else cares and appreciates the wonderfulness of that but you guys?

So where was I? oh yes, keeping HM...... but I also want, no need, to write and chat about art, culture, poetry-writing, dark stuff of the psyche, and other weird goings on in my head, that just don't sit well here. By all means come to my new home if that sounds like your thing. Email me.

Holistic Mama sticks around, for the friends I've made, for the amazing community that's found a gathering place here, and for this walking talking heart of mine...


  1. She's so big Mon!!!!!!!!! And sooo adorable! Where is this new home of yours, the non-mothering one? Do tell!

  2. I look forward to reading your new blog! I'm sure you'll post a link when you're ready to go!

  3. Your girl is beautiful.
    I am so interested in all the other stuff you want to write about...oh how I love the dark stuff. You have my email. xo

  4. Well, I am glad since I only discovered your blog yesterday!

  5. I never even had a chance to comment on the other post, but am so glad you're sticking around at HM. I'll be happy to see you whenever you pop in. Glad also you have found another outlet. Have looked it at it a few times and it's so you!

  6. Let me come too ;) please.
    Thanks for everything.

  7. I will be there with bells on!

  8. hi mon -- just catching up with the goings-on here. glad to see things are moving and shifting and i'm curious to see where it all goes and be part of it all! i'll email you.

  9. I miss a coupla days, and you are over here talking about burning down the blog...

    Ay Yi Yi... I am glad you have decided to stay with us, Mon. I find as I visit here that you experience and live so many of my truths. You inspire me to think about issues that matter as we mother our children, support ourselves & our partners, and struggle to balance all that entails. And, I always appreciate what you say to me at JW.

    I engage in the same inner dialogue about keeping mine around, that is why a click over might mean a new header, different colors, other images. I have to see it fresh, or I stagnate in what I say.

    Will get that email out to you right away.

  10. I've seen several of my personal blogs start and stop and morph into one and break into several again. When I finally settled on TOS it was because I was tired of fragmenting myself. This is who I am - whole, diverse and ever-changing.

    My blog has always been my self-expression and although the connections really are the best part of it and I know I risk losing readers by changing tracks, I can do nothing better for myself than to stay authentic to my real life.

    We are both mothers and non-mothers. We're multi-faceted and complex. It's the diversity within our own life experiences that makes us real. And I for one enjoy all sides of your well-rounded self. :)

  11. Tara - "I can do nothing better for myself than to stay authentic" - i so seriously needed to hear that right now - in truth - i may need you to drive up here and beat me over the head w/ it daily at the moment - or whisper it encouragingly - whatever suits your moon :)

    Mon - looking forward to the future w/ ya!

  12. Oh yeah, and Mon - thanks for understanding my irrational violence - actually means a lot to me :)

    I think this whole kitchen coming apart is really messing w/ my head this morning!

  13. It does make SUCH a difference when teeth finally come in. I didn't notice the struggle of teething with my daughter, but I really noticed how peaceful she was afterwards, and how much better she slept.

    I view my own blog as being about ME, first and foremost, and that works for me. There are sometimes things I would like to talk about but can't, but I'm OK with it for the most part. But I know other folks who definitely aren't, and feel the need for multiple outlets. Do what works for you, I say!

  14. Um, do I need to email you or do I already know where you are?

    Absenteeism does have it's drawbacks...

    And would ya look at those lovely gnashers!! Such a trial to get them, but they are very delightful...:)


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