Wednesday, February 24

book club reminder

This is just a reminder post.

Our Book Club book was The Mistress of Spices (and/or Like Water for Chocolate, Chocolat) and I'll be posting about it on the first few days of March. So if you've read any of them (ever), do pop by to share your thoughts - a sentence or two is FINE.
And if you're writing your own full post on it, send me the link so I can include it in my post.

You can join our informal Book Club reading any time you like.


  1. Didn't read this one. I read The Red Tent but was late with it. Will try to join in next month.

  2. Have read the Mistress of Spices and found it drew me in and I had to keep reading and reading. It made me think on all the different people we each are inside, wise woman, scared child etc and also reflect on my relationship with my family. I have always believed we have many lives sometimes they must collide and intermigle. On a base level it gave me the urgent need to better understand the spices we have and how I use them, also how flavours connect to emotions and feed the soul. I could go on and on, but won't. If you ask me to comment on The Witch of Portabello by Paolo Coelho I will be unstoppable.

  3. I chose to read Like Water for Chocolate. While it was a nice holiday read, It didn't resonate with me as much as when I was in my early 20s. I used to confuse passion with love, as I think Tita did in this book. The author doesn't say that or even infer it...just my own interpretation...and reflection of where I'm at in life. I did write a review (in December).

    I will read Mistress of Spices at some point. I'm interested in hearing feedback on it. I am absolutely IN LOVE with Divakaruni's children's literature. They are well-written, engage the senses, are full of adventure, and entertain questions of value in a subtle way. Her adult fiction that I've read so far has not been nearly as engaging for me. I'm not sure why. I was wondering if maybe I'm still just 12 on the inside!!! Now I know that's not true, not exactly.... And, so, would love to hear others' thoughts on her writing.

  4. I'll post in a few days... so you can all add your reviews/opinions then. :)


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