Saturday, February 6

blog changes, books, & house

So I decided to continue here, and then open up a space for non-parenting stuffs, and these two cyberhomes feel good. So I'm feeling good.

I'm going to import most of the book blog posts over here. Mostly the children's books. As well as bringing Book Club Mamas* over here.

Fact is, all the people I would love to hear feedback on books are over here! So I might as well bring it to you. BTW, I'm finally reading The Mistress of Spices.

So if you had been reading over at the book blog (sniff, sniff, saying goodbye to it), then please excuse duplicate posts.

I've also cleaned up the top menus so that it reflects the best stuff here at Holistic Mama.

If you use Blogger, they've added a Pages feature now. Although I just created posts and linked to them, but it's there for those that wanted, take a look in your dashboard.


I don't know if I have mentioned it, since I've been a bit sporadic or just plain awol..... but we're hoping to move in to the new house within a couple of months.
We started building November 2007 I think... right from scratch so of course it's had its challenges. Especially as the designer (me) was caved in with a baby.

I am beyond excited. Our own home, a place to decorate and arrange (can't decorate here and most of our belongings are in boxes including my beloved books), no mold (this apartment suffers badly), warmth (no insulation here and it's so cold), financially better (no rent, as well as water from a local spring and wood stoves so lower bills), tranquility (in a small village up the mountain), surrounded by woodland (not horrible here but basically in urbanville), land to cultivate and for the Wildflower to run wild, and so much more.


This is an old photo from last Winter, but it's pretty much how it looks from the back. Husband has been busy indoors, floors are down and doors are in upstairs, next big job is tiling the kitchen floor over under-floor heating, and then getting the kitchen fitted.

Of course not long after we're in we'll probably start talking about travelling.... but it's a base, for cosiness and sinking in roots after coming to a new country.

soon, soon, soon.... can you just feel my impatience?

* If you display a Book Club Mama logo on your blog please use the new codes so that it links back here.
Please note that I've extended the Dec-Jan title into this month. To discuss in March.


  1. Glad you're feeling good about the blog changes you're making. It makes such a difference.

    All so exciting about the house! It looks such a lovely, cosy house from the outside. Can't wait to see interior shots when they eventually get done. Would love to build my own house one day.

  2. Your house is adorable! I'm jealous about the wooded area. Not that we don't have plenty of trees in Oregon...but it's so much better when you can just walk out your door into a somewhat natural surrounding.

    Hubby is installing our floor boards today, which we've done without for over a year! And he's just finished leveling the backyard, yay! Such a nice feeling when things start to come together.

  3. P.S. I can't believe Blogger is just now adding pages, while WordPress already has nesting pages. Of course, if you know how to page them from posts, I suppose it doesn't really matter.

  4. Oh Mon, I'm just so thrilled for you about your home! I'm actually really excited for you, and can just see you settling in there and making it all beautiful. Your books! Oh yes - this is gooood indeed.

    And I can already see the Wildflower scooting around the garden, "helping" you plant and making wild discoveries.

  5. Oh the house is lovely. It looks like just the kind I would love. Is is small? I'm not sure I can tell from the picture. Our house is the size of a shoebox. Can't wait to see your pics from inside.

  6. Mon! Your own house finally after all this time!! Wow, am soo feeling the genuine looking-forward-to-ness for you.
    All that space for the WF to run around wildly too and all in time for perfect.
    I would love to build my own house one day.

  7. The house is beautiful. And in such a wonderful location. I am so excited for you!!

  8. I had "almost" forgotten about the HOUSE!!! I can't believe the time is finally nearing for I remember when it was just a rough plot. You have to promise us all to take "before" photos of the empty house and then "after" photos when it's almost exactly the way you want it. And we certainly wouldn't object to some in between photos as well. How exciting! I look forward to crossing your threshold this summer.

  9. Not sure why it says jennifer and not Swedishjenn :-?

  10. Ahh - the house. I've missed its story... Can't wait to help you warm it up. And for you to get chooks. And to share gardening joys & woes with you. And to get some village insight into eating seasonally & buying good, socially responsible food. And so much more! Soon, soon... Can you feel my impatience? *Hugs*

  11. oh, how awesome...and heated floors! so happy for you!

  12. I don't see the pages feature...

  13. Loving the new house! Roll on moving in day!

  14. Amy - go to Edit Posts and it should be up there in the sub menu. ??

  15. Oh, MON!! What a gorgeous wonderfully perfectly gorgeous.



  16. Congratulations, Mon, on all of it! Your house looks delightful! Will you post pictures of the inside when it's finished? I just love seeing what other people do with house design!

    I also love your new blog integration. I think it fits perfectly well together, because it's all part of you and who you are. Lovely!

    Great to know about the pages feature on Blogger now so I don't have to pester you if I want to make changes to mine. :)

  17. I'll definitely share interior pics when we get things sorted.

  18. Wow, your new house is so beautiful. I love the way it looks in the snow. I No moild is definitely a good thing. We had to deal with that before, causing asthmatic symptoms for my daughter.


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