Thursday, May 19

A Frog in the Bog

A Frog in the Bog, Karma Wilson
Illustrated by Joan Rankin
Picture book
Suggested age: 2-6yrs
There's a frog on the log in the middle of the bog.

A small, green frog
on a half-sunk log
in the middle of the bog.

And so the frog proceeds to gobble up various creatures that increase in number. From a tick to five slimy snails. Yet that half-sunk log isn't what it seems, and when it suddenly rises, showing eyes, and jaws, the frog loses his lunch as they escape while he hollers.

It's a fun romp with a hungry and rather greedy frog, and the increasing number of his lunch means that it's a book useful for counting too. The illustrations are dreamy watercolour depictions of bog life. These aren't my favourite style of illustrations, and they lack detail for the younger readers. I do prefer Wilson's collaborations with Chapman.

I find the rhythm a little laboured but it's captivating enough, and one that a parent can read a few times over. Not Karma Wilson's best in my opinion, but it is fun. I actually bought the book because little Miss likes frogs, but the lack of detail meant that the frogginess of the frog wasn't so obvious. Towards the end it barely resembles a frog. Also, the internal belly pictures are too abstract a concept for the younger ones.

The Miss started with this one at 20 months and enjoyed it but appreciated better at 2 yrs.

I do recommend it, but for 3 years and older.


  1. Oh this brings back memories! My kids loved this book!!! We read it all the time! The illustrations are beautiful and fun. I think I just might look for it tonight and read it before bed, even if they are 9 and 11 now!!

  2. One of our favs! I read this at our local library for story time and we made tapioca "frog eggs"--too fun!

  3. That looks like a fab book!

  4. We got this from the library a couple of months back and I used to BEG to read it to the kids every day. Got it for a dear friend's daughter for her birthday and will be getting our very own copy too.


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