Saturday, January 16


I really love hearing what others, and their kids, are reading or watching.
It's a weekend meme.

Films - anything you're watching
Audio - anything you're listening to
Books - whatever you're reading
Blogs - share a post you enjoyed, new blog, website

What with the Dark Moon and sleep deprivation, it's been a few days, huh? so, where were we....

Not much. Watched Stalingrad - harrowing. Along the lines of Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, that sort of thing. Interesting perspective.

Wrote a review for The Unbearable Lightness of Being.
Started Mists of Avalon, but with such little sleep recently (yup a Thankful Anyway coming up fer sure) I'm struggling to get to it. It's the most popular one but I went ahead and read the first two in the series last year.

I'm waiting on The Mistress of Spices but it might arrive a little late for the Book Club, we'll see. I've read the other two on the list so could chat about those anyway.


Van Morrison's greatest hits. Love his version of Moondance.


This lovely self- discovery from Stacy @ Mama-Om.
green grocery shopping with Greenspell
Lots of bloggers are getting in on the One Small Change project
Toddler book recalled

And erm..... hesitant to promote this one.... it's mine... but it's NOT for everyone. It's my NON-mama side, fun, quirky, unusual, writing, art, culture... as a diversion from your own mamahood perhaps? It's quite non-essential, and thereby completely essential for me. It's where I go to be anything but zen-like and evolved, chuckle. It's my Bohemian Shoebox.

Add your link in the Comments if you've done your own.


  1. ~Van morrison is among one of our top played...have you heard the august rush soundtrack? there is a beautiful version of moondance which for me has taken place of van morrisons version...still love though...right now i am loving chris botti in boston...such a treat! i have the mists of avalon...yet it has been sitting among many books...can't wait to hear your thoughts...maybe it will be a motivating factor to pull it off the shelf...brightest blessings and happy reading~

  2. The Mists of Avalon is one of my fav books... I read it when I was in my early 20's and I still remember how mystical it made me feel... it was magic to me then. I hope you love it too.
    Blessings and magic and wishes for more sleep.


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