Saturday, January 9


I really love hearing what others, and their kids, are reading or watching.
It's a weekend meme.

Films - anything you're watching
Audio - anything you're listening to
Books - whatever you're reading
Blogs - share a post you enjoyed, new blog, website


Watched episode 11 of Eastwick. Really disappointing.

Thanks to Anonymous telling me of Lark Rise to Candleford, I squeezed every bit of life out of my bandwidth limit last month.

Besides asking for The Gruffalo every single day, the Wildflower also enjoys the world of Eric Carle brought to life. Really lovely this one. Can't find it on though.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other stories by Eric Carle [DVD] UK

Thought you might find this useful - If you want to convert flv files to avi (from youtube to watch on your TV for example), then a free software program is what I used.


Finished, The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. Occassionally funny, occassionally intellectually stimulating, mostly emotionally flat. Would have enjoyed it more in my early 20's methinks. (my full review)
I'm still waiting on my next Book Club title to arrive, so not sure what to pick up next for now.

The Wildflower (20 mths old) is enjoying, The Dancing Tiger (my full review).


Enjoyed this poem by Sarah.
The ongoing issue with Brits' right to homeschool without deep intervention at

Add your link in the Comments if you've done your own.

Lisa @ My World Edenwild


  1. Sorry that episode of Eastwick disappointed you, I know you'd been enjoying the season.

    Have you read the blog Grit's Day? She writes a lot about the problems with Badman etc.

    Thanks for the link to the poem. Actually, I was being a bitch with it, but no one got that! Which is probably a good thing ;-) That's the cool thing about poetry. You can say horrid things very prettily and no one realises.

  2. just lost a comment here, my internet is testing my patience, arg!! anyway eric carle is my youngest daughter's favorite...she was "late" to talk...with a very talkative older sister and more assertive twin brother she just could not find the 'space' i one day when she was about 2 1/2 i walked into her room and she was sitting on her bed reciting 'brown bear, brown bear' page by page to herself...she did the same with 'polar bear, polar bear'...she did this off and on for weeks, maybe was one of the main ways she 'practiced' her speech...(now she talks non-stop BTW, all 3 of my kids too and i have developed the ability to process all three of them at once)
    sorry for the tangent but i know you love these kinds of stories
    which book club mama book are you planning to do for dec/jan, i am getting a late start so am thinking The Mistress of the Spices as it's the one I am the least familiar with

  3. Thanks for adding my link.

    We like Eric Carle books, I wonder if Michael would sit through the video (so particular about what he watches!) May look into the Dancing Tiger when he's a bit older.

  4. FABB

    Well I am watching old period dramas on DVD, Remains of the Day, Sense and Sensability, Little Women. Also we have the Waltons and Little House on the Prarie lots of. Audio we are listening to various musicals, Winnie the Poo and the soundtrack from Oliver, the boy is exploring my ipod today full of bad 80's tunes and John Denver.
    Books just finished Jungle Book and have begun 101 Dalmations. I am loving Paulo Coelho 'By the River Piedra I sat down and wept. I love all his work. I am always reading, John Seymours self suffiency books for reference. One book I re-read as it inspires me to be more intuitive and self reliant is Hard Times in Paradise by David and Micki Colefax.

    Blogs - Well all veg growing, vegan cooking, home medicinal blogs. Loving the Vegan Dad and
    Also find so many recipes and home loving ideas at

    Warm Wishes Sharon x

  5. Lisa (MM)- I'm waiting onn the same, Mistress of Spices. I've read the other two.

    Lisa (Edenwild) - try the short clip from youtube. I like to test things out with the Wildflower like that as well.

    Thanks for sharing Sharon! Yay to bad 80's tunes. ;)


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