Friday, December 24

joy pockets + holiday wishes

snow melting, not snowed in
our flights booked
a whole morning of no discomfort
discovering a way for her to eat veg that she loves
she added a new food
finished her new crocheted berret
working on my crocheted cap

share with me your joy pockets this week

we leave on sunday for england. to spend about 6 weeks with the family. i plan to blog during that time. we'll see how that pans out!

i hope for you all who celebrate christmas, a day filled with no stress, laughter, compassion, forgiveness, good food, new memories, and love. and for everyone else, i hope these holidays see you safe and finding relaxation and tons of fun.

♦♦♦ see you all in 2011 ♦♦♦

Monday, December 20

snow + break

apple crumble from neighbours' apples
join me in Life Up Close

we're completely snowed in. as in, no one can get in or out of our village. husband parked his pickup in a village lower down and he can walk to it, about an hour, if we really needed supplies or such.

we're fine, but when to fly out for England is still undecided. considering as well that airports there are closing down due to their snow. we really don't want to get stuck anywhere, what with a toddler.

on the fun side the Wildflower and i made a snowman and ran around stomping in the white stuff.

the other thing about snow, is that it shows up footprints.., or paw prints. fun to search with the little one... especially the cute bird ones.

but then there are sets of tracks around your home that cause, erm... concern of sorts.

tracks leading to the old cold cellar

sadly, i haven't been very well recently. nothing to worry about, nothing serious. a chronic digestive thingy that knocks me sideways. usually lasts a few days at most.... now, it's been over a month and worsening. i'm lethargic and a little despondent. i know i'll bounce back. too much of an optimist not to. but right now, i've been dealing with frustration at the little i can manage to do, and the little i feel motivated to do. and struggling to manage discomfort or pain, all day long.

i'll post when i feel the urge, but likely only once more before we leave for UK, supposing the snow allows us to leave! then a break of a couple of weeks.

i've been smiling at the festive warmth, whether xmas or solstice, around the 'net. and a little crocheting that i'll try to share.

Life Up Close

Friday, December 17

joy pockets

eating cookies at inappropriate times
re-reading old classics
the pantry completed
organising shelves
the girl's face at running through her first snow
her first snowman
short illnesses
weathered picture frames
an initially doubtful cutting of hair that only makes her cuter

Monday, December 13

: nourishing days :

we had our first snow fall last night. only a few inches. but the dusting sure makes everything wonder-ful.

of course, for us, up here in the mountain, it also means the power is off and we could get snowed in. unable to drive through the small roads. husband managed to get down today, but will be shopping on his return to stock up our pantry and freezer.

the wood stove is doing it's job and we're cosy at least.

a burst of seasonal colour
join me in Life Up Close

at least the temps between here in Montenegro and England aren't so widely different now. that 3C in the midlands was freaking me out. we still haven't booked our flight but the goal is to fly out on the 26th.

i had so many good intentions for crocheting this winter, and it just hasn't happened. any extra time has been taken up with Wildflower's eating.

despite a few people's insistance to simply take the bottle from her, i've chosen to do it gently, without trauma. and after her choosing to sit and eat 'dinner', in a short time she's down to milk only before bed. her pickyness means that i'm struggling to squeeze in nutrition, but she's done amazingly considering how attached she had become to her milk.

sleep is still chaotic and i've spent many days exhausted. in aiming for lack of stress and simplicity, i'm spending free time reading, perusing beautiful things (art, film). otherwise, generally continuing to draw in towards the coming solstice.

we'll hang up some twinkly lights soon. simple wonder for the pixiegirl.

Life Up Close

Friday, December 10

joy pockets

♥ collecting pinecones under a cold winter sun
rescuing a puppy, surrounded by her 4 dead siblings, from cold & hunger ♥
♥ 5 Orange Potatoes doing a giveaway

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Wednesday, December 8


what happens when you take time away from 'net surfin'?

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Stay away from this one if you like your tales normal.
I didn't write my review here.
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Love in the Time of Cholera
From Amazon UK
I struggled to get into this but when I picked it up again I was pulled into the tale. No doubt that Marquez weaves a lavish and rich tapestry of characters and places.
For a time there I was immersed and intrigued. Yet by the ending I was disenchanted. I won't spoil anything for you but there's a minor relationship that made me uncomfortable due to the girl's young age. So with that bad taste in my mouth, I carried on. Only I was left empty. I just didn't like the protagonist enough to care if things turned out well for him.
I would still recommend it if you find it in the library.
Love in the Time of Cholera
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
From Amazon UK

Finally got around to this. I enjoyed her style as it comes across as fiction rather than a dry autobiography. The first half is really interesting, covering her time in the South during the 40's. Well, it's all quite interesting.
However, whilst I began fully expecting to sympathise with her, I was left a little cold. I can't say I particularly admired or liked her after reading the first in her series.
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

"Stand Back," Said the Elephant, "I'm Going to Sneeze!" "Stand Back," Said the Elephant, "I'm Going to Sneeze!"
From Amazon UK
Age: 3-6
The pixiegirl is tickled by sneezing and loves animals so I thought that this one would be just her thing.
We both enjoy it. It's funny and has a great rhyme going on. It's longish.
He doesn't actually sneeze which was a surprise and a bit of a let down, but the silly tale makes up for it.

Whopper Cake Whopper Cake
From Amazon UK
Age: 3-5
This one is so-so. I like the premise. But the text and imposed accent doesn't do it for me. The pixie girl likes it okay but won't request it.
Okay if you find it in the library.

Monday, December 6


our girl is so accustomed to blackouts or us turning off the electricity during lightning storms, that when we do so she carries on playing whatever game she was playing. completely unfazed.

we've experienced a lot of lost power in the last few months. and then a shift, we choose to turn the power off or back on.

and i was thinking how it's mirroring life right now. this tough past year often left me feeling overwhelemed , frustrated, confused, power taken in a passive-agressive way.

in a new place now. i'm controlling where i place my energy. learning to switch off more and more often. and knowing when to switch back on.

and by control, i mean reclaiming my personal power, and, as always, seeing everything as choice.

life up close
faerwillow @ ~serendipty~

Friday, December 3

joy pockets

see the boys gone?

looking forward to the new moon
the pixiegirl eating meals
taking photographs
homemade oatmeal cookies
cheeky access to broadband

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Thursday, December 2

November in review

Your reader's may have missed out on some content this month, you have new or occassional readers, or you didn't post much. Consider a Month in Review post. I know I can't keep up with all the wonderful blogs out there. Just copy & paste the headings below and add your responses.

november was a blink of the eye. i've no idea what happened to it. and yet, it wasn't due to busyness because i've been aiming for the opposite.

A thought...
doing less, choosing meaning, brings me inner balance

A sound...
muh, muh. muh for mama. duh, duh. duh for dog. luh, luh. luh for light...............
(we haven't taught her letters at all)

A taste...
porridge days!

An image...
rain trees

A scent...
burning logs

A word... (anything word related)

read Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. and a couple more. will share our reading with you soon.

A touch...
handfuls of ice-cold unexpected hail

A gift for me...
doing less

A post you may have missed...
mind decluttering continues

Did you do a review? Let me know. and a link back of course would be nice.

Lisa @ My World Edenwild
D @ Groeing Into My Life
A Green Spell

Wednesday, December 1

rain + mamas

it hasn't stopped raining heavily for almost 48hrs. and it looks to continue for the rest of the week. the black-grey sky isn't giving even a hint of cloudbreak, and we're surrounded in mist. the house is leaking again but we are remaining philosophical. well, that's my natural state, but hubby is doing great to be there with me.

faith's photo challenge came at the right time. a little thought of Summer past wouldn't hurt right now. although, i do love rain and winds and days that request cosiness and books.... but a break would be welcome too.

and as i was adding a new one this morning, 
i thought i would share with you the 10 most recent Holistic Mamas.

also, i don't know how long the linky has been missing from Mindful Mamas, but it's back now.

hoping my uk friends are coping with the snow. i'll be here with a November in Review post soon, do join me.

Tuesday, November 30

to do or not do

i feel like i'm in this floating place between focus and achievement, and, simplicity and hibernating.

i have a head impossibly full of ideas. i want to start giving them away. anyone short of ideas?

i want to achieve things. not in a huge way. i know that Making a Difference comes in all shapes and sizes. yet i do have ideas that are big by default.

anyway, it's a pull towards simplicity, deeper spiritual pursuits, doing less, mothering time, and yet, a desire towards Getting Things Done. i suppose the question is, which pull is strongest?

no, better yet, which runs deepest?

i've spent most of my life Getting Things Done. it comes naturally, but also i am aware of the childhood and social influences. that i should to get things done.

becoming a mother was the best teacher in learning to focus and slow down. you just have to don't you? if you want to be a mindful and present mama. but it comes with a challenge. suddenly time is zapped out from your life and there is panic. in a couple of years i've come a long way to finding peace and acceptance. to embracing it as a chance for depth and mindfulness, rather than seeing it as Lack of Time.

but still there persist my desires to do certain things. i no longer want to do it all, but i do have a few passions that request a voice.

i've always been a face-things-head-on person, yet the last few weeks i've found myself seduced with the call of running. to a tower or cave up in an inpenetrable mountain. with nothing but art supplies, books, cups of chai, some cushions, and my girl.

simplicity comes hardest to the passionate, i think.

Thursday, November 25

joy pockets

cloud choices
playing with crysti

the pixie beginning to learn to pedal her tricycle on her own
John Cusack playing Poe in a new film, swoon
julia is having a pendant giveaway
an infinite supply of littlegirl kisses and 'i love yoos'
powerful wood stoves

share with me your joy pockets this week

wishing my american friends a happy thanksgiving weekend.

Monday, November 22

not a review

i completed Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, by Susanna Clarke.

i can't give a review of this book because it's utterly astonishing. i have not been gifted with the level of articulateness (!) that it requires.

but did you enjoy it?

i know that some are ready to challenge me to a duel if i cut it to shreds. thing is, i was skeptical before i even started it. it sounded vaguely like just my sort of thing, but i hesitated. i seem to be at astonishing odds in regards to reading material with two people who i like and respect and that touted its wonderfulness.

but did you enjoy it?

you know those desert island type questions? well, i'm terrible at them. i can never think off the top of my head my most favourite whatevers. the best i've got is...
If I Were to Be Stranded on an Island I Wouldn't Complain If I Had The Following Books to Read List.

Four books that always seem to crop up are;
Don Quixote, Pride & Prejudice, On the Road, I Ching, Wuthering Heights.

Next place is now taken up by Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. i can give no higher, or easier, praise.

so you recommend it?

good heavens no! it's for a most Particular Type of creature. it would give the ordinary person odd and twisted notions about; French armies, enchantment, the questionable state of Portuguese maps, messy necromancy, respectable English magic and it's proper place in the nation, Borgesian footnotes*, the usefulness of faeries, kingship, London, the gentlemanly way to walk through a mirror, libraries, the use of capitalisation, and suspect paths through English country sides, among other things. And holding this 1000+ page tome gives your hand a cramp.

do you see? you're better off without it. if you visit and ask to borrow it, i dare say you'll witness a most peculiar inability for it to release from my hands. in fact, forget i ever mentioned it. Susanna Clarke who? never heard of her.

here's a book i recommend instead, very safe.

* Please refer to Thou Art the Footnote: History, Theory & Practical Application of a Lost Skill, (2nd Ed), Yves Bookman.