Thursday, December 24

post Solstice ramblings

I had to visit here and get my writing fix. I have some posts in my head which will be much less fun without your input, so I'll wait 'till after the holidays. So a ramblin' I go...
  • Winter Solstice turned out to be the quiet affair that feels most right for me. Lots of candles, lots of introspection, friends and food the on the eve.
    We might add a little more 'sparkle' when the Wildflower is older and if she wants it. The main Solstice candle was blown out before bed as a family, which was a lovely special moment, as we said goodbye to the old stuff and old cycle.
    I'm definitely feeling the lighter load...

  • We have a new memory card in the digital camera, which we formatted in the camer before use. Now, my computer is asking to format it before I can download the pics. Yikes. I'm afraid to delete everything on there, which formatting normally does right? Does anyone have any advice?

  • It's been raining here for days, so we're snuggling and reading and listening to opera.... I'm doing some crocheting - a pillow cover for the Wildflower. I'll have a FABB Share for you this weekend.

  • Husband is working hard on the house. The wooden floors are down and the doors are on upstairs. But we have leaks, from external doors and windows - it's quite vexing.
  • Mercury is retrograding from 26th Dec to Jan 15th - so watch communications. They'll go awry, be confused, be misunderstood, get lost. Not a time to sign contracts, make decisions, start anything new, or travel. Watch what you say and how you say it, and take what you hear lightly.
    Tough one if you're still visiting with family....

    Mars is also retrograding - taking action needs to put by the side for now. Time to introspect on our desires, impulses, repressed anger or frustration, and how we go about getting what we want.

    And a lunar eclipse on the 31st!

  • A lovely lady brought a new life into the world...

  • I redecorated here at Holistic Mama - siiigh, feels more reflective of me now - and over at chewing a leaf too - feels cosier now -.... and I've posted my reading list for 2010.

  • The Wildflower is teething her canines. She's doing okay with them really. But of course, sleep is even less than usual. I'm working hard at not becoming frustrated by lack of writing time.... my book feels like it's slipping away from me.... it's a horrible feeling.... I'm mentally holding on tight.

  • I have two cake recipes to share with you soon - a honey cake and a ginger cake. yum, yum.
Have a great Christmas if you're celebrating. Be happy.


  1. Your Solstice sounds like it was lovely -- ours was much the same -- no advice for the camera but yes, formatting does delete everything. EEEK!

    Love the new backgroundy stuff..soft, warm, purply swirly business...very nice indeed.

    Deep sighs all around...much lighter load, yes - I agree.

    ~much love~


  2. ooooh perty background! I really love this one. My fave so far : )

    And that sounds like my kind of Solstice too...but mine was summery and with mead.

    Hope the teething and the house vexations resolve themselves quickly and smoothly.

    On Mercury retrogrades: I always brace myself for 'pooter irritations.

    And erm...honey cake AND ginger cake? I am your willingly enslaved nubian (er?) person.


  3. Yum - I've wanted a good recipe for a honey cake, and I grate ginger root into almost Everything...a cake I have yet to try - can't wait to see these recipes.
    On the camera thing, you're right - you may loose pics. Don't format until you've transferred all your pics to a USB port (stick thing - about $10), OR upload them to your computer hard-drive.

    Sounds like a beautiful Solstice celebration...I love your tradition of all of you blowing out the candle.
    Also truly admire you for remaining true to your values and not getting caught up in the insanity of X-mas. Sheesh!! So much money blown for one day as a token of our love for them??? Argh. And to spend it with relatives you don't really want to be around anyways really sucks the energy from me.
    Working on a dreamboard for the upcoming blue moon and introducing my hatchling to setting intentions!
    Nice gentle post to read on this hectic X-mas morning...thanks!

  4. I love the purplely background you have groovin' here.

    How are you uploading your images? Are you using a software program or just trying to copy them over? I always drag and drop, and never am I asked a question about it by my computer.

    I think Michael is working on most of his teeth right now. It's crazy.

  5. I can't download the pics from the memory card, that's the problem. :(

  6. I had that same problem (memory card formatting) a few years ago, and I was somehow able to go back into the camera and reformat w/out losing the pics. Another time, I had to download the pictures using the camera specific software, not picassa, etc. You've probably already figured it all out by now!

    Z just got his canines. He got really sick in the process - a bad cough that I think was directly related. It was a week long endeavor here. I hope you get rest soon...this is the season.

  7. Is it really a lunar eclipse on the 31st? It's a full moon isn't it. And what does this mean? (I think it means something good!)

  8. Argh. Now I'm having a memory card problem. (Got a new camera, new type of card). I can't even open the drive to do my usual drag and drop. I'm really feeling you now!

  9. love the new layout. you're right - it does seem more "you". :)

  10. Our solstice itself was quiet as well before the rush of Christmas with family. Very much looking forward to the honey cake recipe. I tried one once and it was a dud!

  11. Love the new looks on bpoth blogs. Very you!

    Your Solstice sounds lovely. I'm getting so much inspiration from you when it comes to Solstice celebrations. Love the blowing out the candle as a family.

    How utterly annoying about the leaks! Hope it gets sorted.

    Jeez, tell me about it! I've just spent a week with my father-in-law, who rubs me the wrong way on a good day, let alone a bad one. It was one long, hard week of practising keeping shtum!


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