Monday, December 14

locks and lockets

At the Wildflower's recent dedication ritual thingy, I cut a lock of her hair, her first one. While in England I was on the look out for a locket for it.

I love lockets and had never had a solid reason to wear one. Not that one needs a reason, but you know....

I have a thing about boxes. LOVE 'em. They hold so much promise. And lockets fall into that category, of I wonder what' inside...

Most I saw where the common silver flowered kind. Just not my thing. I was hoping to find something in pewter, but it's a specialist item I suppose. So I ended up buying a very simple inexpensive silver circular one because I wanted to start wearing her lock of hair and photo near my heart asap. But it doesn't inspire me at all. I just landed on Etsy and thought to look up lockets. Oh my.

1. Ocean Blue Seaglass 2. Debb's Designs 3. Jewelry by Vicki 4. Envisage
5. Heartworks by Lori 6. Days Long Gone 7. Dahlia 8. Prairie Blossoms
9. Lili Swan 10. Ruby Ann 11. Dana Marie 12. Tori Hennon

Not all my style, but just appreciating good craft and loving the variety.

Do you own a locket? Want to share with me what's in it? Would you like to own one? Do you keep any of your children's first locks anywhere?


  1. If I'm doing the counting right, I can soooo see you wearing #5, followed by #1. I used to wear a locket as a teen and had photos of my crushes inside..ha! Though these days I am wearing the last necklace that will ever grace my neck. I remove it very infrequently. It's a custom-made yellow and white gold heart. And inside the large heart, representing me, are 3 smaller hearts, representing my husband, son and stepson. I received it from my husband when I gave birth to our little one. It has more meaning than anything I have ever owned or will ever own. I love it. I too clipped the little man's lock of hair. It's in a pewter box. Please post a photo of your locket when you decide on one. I love lockets!

  2. Oh Jenn, that's so lovely. *sigh*

    And I'm SO impressed, yes, numbers 5 and 1 are the closest on that list!! But not my final choice.... still looking.

  3. Ah yes.....although I don't wear the locket, I have a silver-heart with locks of both of my Shiny Ones hair in it.....

    I suppose if I were to find just the Right one, then I would certainly wear it. Absolutely loving the 5 and 1 also...


  4. I very rarely wear jewellery these days but love lockets. Haven't had one since I was about 10 or 11 though, when I kept pictures of my beloved dog in it.

    I keep my little ones's first locks in a little trinket box on my little family "altar" thingy.

  5. Ah..etsy makes it hard to decide.

    I love lockets, and was the weird girl that wore them to school. Big gaudy things from my grandmother's scraps (treasure chest)

    My mom gave me a tiny silver box for Z's first lock of hair. I plan to give it back to her with the lock inside - that way I'll always know exactly where it is!

  6. My dad still has a lock of my baby hair in his sock drawer, wrapped in a little bit of card. Isn't that sweet?

  7. Those are all great choices. I never owned a locket. I would love to have one some day to give to my daughter. I know she would love it.

  8. 5 is my favourite, or it was until I realised that was a peacock not a fish. I have a locket, it contains photographs of my mother and my daughter. I also have a lock of my daughter's baby hair which I keep in a special box.

  9. Oooh, I used to wear lockets in college and a bit beyond.

    I used to wear one from my great grandma... it was flat and oval and golden and somewhat big, like maybe an inch tall. I kept a picture of my mother as a young girl inside.

    The other was small and oval and silver (not quite 1/2 inch tall)... I think my mother gave it to me. I kept tiny rocks and shells and sand from places I had been... I loved them both so much.

  10. How funny! I was just imagining you would like #1 and 5, too! Wow. None of those are particularly my style, but #4 is really pretty and #8 is very clever! I can't believe those are all handmade!

    I have a locket that I got on my (sweet) 16th birthday. It's really tiny, heart-shaped gold. Too small for a photo, really, so I put in two heart-shaped confetti from my 16th birthday party.

    My dad's last gift to me is a gorgeous heart-shaped pendent, but it's not a locket. I love it, but I wish I could put a picture of him inside.

    My son's first lock of hair is in a plastic baggy. I've been terrible about doing anything with his baby stuff. I love the idea of putting it in a special box, though. When I was a teenager I put special little things like that in my jewelry box, like a petal from a rose that someone gave me.

  11. We don't have many mementos of Brooklyn, Mon. I do have a picture of her feet in her blanket, and I was given some locks of her hair. For the longest time, I searched for a locket to put those precious tokens inside, but I could never find one that seemed right. I gave up the search. But, oh my goodness...
    I believe I have found it.
    Thank you, Mon, for shining a light on Heartworks by Lori. I found it at her Etsy shop. I am going to think about it for a few days, but it certainly stopped me and spoke to me. I will let you know if I choose it! I'm off to search Etsy again! I hope you find the one that you seek soon!!

  12. Mon, you won't believe what transpired when I went to search Etsy for lockets. I wrote about it on JW...

    I still can't believe it myself.

  13. I have a piece of my sons first, black-as-black hair. And a piece of his first birthday hair, blonde-as-blonde, and a piece of his second birthday hair, sandy-as-sand. He's still sandy, bless him, but it matches his hazel-green eyes.

  14. So nice to hear your different experiences.

    s'me - that's a great idea to have a lock from different life stages, especially if it changed colour.

  15. I have a real thing for lockets. I'm still on the hunt for the right one though. I like them a bit darker and heavy (silver) and although not obviously Gothic, those undercurrents - a bit Victorian.

    I had some of the Moon's hair in a locket, but when she was 3 she broke into it and lost the hair before I could realise what she was doing! Gah!

    There are quite a few mementos that I have kept of my girl. I have a number of her milk teeth (ok, all of them!) stashed away. Is that just too weird? When I see them all together, they do look a bit creepy. But I feel so moved when I look at them.

  16. Thank you so much for adding my locket to this blog, it's the suitcase locket.
    It's such an honor :)

    It's a lovely site you have.
    Have a wonderful day :)
    Tori Hennon


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