Sunday, December 27

F.A.B.B Share

I really love hearing what others are reading or watching. I also like to see what your kids are reading too.
It's a weekend meme.

So, what are you and your family currently reading, watching, and/or listening to?


On Thursday I cracked open, The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. Can't believe I haven't read this one yet.

The Wildflower (20 mths old) immediately enjoyed her next Julia Donaldson, The Gruffalo. With her usual wonderful rhythm, she has this little one's attention. I enjoy this one as well, and the monster isn't too scary for the little ones, possibly....


It's rare for me to fill this one in. But this last week I've been floating on the caresses of famous arias, as I bake and bake and bake...
I couldn't call myself a Music Person, I'm visually inclined and enjoy silence too much. But I love music like the average person. And classical pieces always, without fail, move my soul. Sometimes it's the meaning, usually it's the wonder of a melody or the aching beauty of a single note. Tears, goosebumps... it's both exhausting and fulfilling.

Song to the Moon, Rusalka, Dvorak
Rusalka pleas to the moon to tell the prince of her love for him.... don't miss the 2nd half....

And I can also tell you what I'm not listening to.... I've hidden the Birthday Song CD that came with The Gruffalo book far away behind other things. Brings chills down my spine. What can I say - children's songs brrrrr.


Very naughty of me, I watched episodes 8 & 9 of Eastwick. Oooh, the suspense!

I indulged in some period drama with Cranford. Didn't want it to end. Would love an ongoing period series.

And I could't believe, after just bringing out the Gruffalo, discovering that they were airing the animated version on Xmas day in the UK! Just two days to wait, and there it is on youtube.

The Gruffalo


A quiet week online, mostly visiting regular blogs for holiday wishes.

Add your link in the Comments if you've done your own.

One Pink Fish
Huckleberry Stew

And don't forget a Month in Review, after the 31st, which could be a Year in Review if you like!


  1. Hope you enjoyed your holiday! I think it must be very soothing to allow the rhythm of silence to fill your soul. I'm beginning to search out those silent opportunities myself. It's tough with four kids :) I want to watch Eastwick. I crave period pieces to watch. I can never get enough of those stories.

  2. Thanks for sharing...I will look up that novel, haven't read it either! I am starting to read Stuart McLean's, Extreme Vinyl Cafe and was also given Philip Norman's biography of John Lennon for xmas! yay! Listening to more vinyl cafe stories on disc as well as anything Eddie Vedder... Into the Wild CD and fave song from Pearl Jam's new disc, back spacer-called just breathe... lovin' it! also, john lennon's greatest hits and brett dennen. watching movies-just saw 'up in the air' and am looking forward to sherlock holmes with my mom :)ahhh music, movies and books-chocolate and coffee... gotta love the holiday season! be well mon...

  3. of my favorite books ever! I loved the movie too, but this was when I was 22ish... I'll read it again w/you.

    Z has been enjoying opera & ballet on PBS. I'm not so classically inclined, and have been cooking/baking to St. Vincent (Artist) & My Morning Jacket (Evil Urges).

    I don't watch anything...not a woman of patience with the TV, and my laptop sound/video functions poorly. Will check out The Gruffalo somehow.

  4. Period series...Lark Rise to Candelford. They're showing it in the states on many PBS stations. It'll be starting it's third season in January, but you can catch up on you tube. Just wanted to share, I love period pieces myself.

  5. At your suggestion, I just pulled up that album on Rhapsody. I'm loving it already.

    The book I just finished, and loved, was Unseen Academicals, by Terry Pratchett. Humorous, quirky and deep. I read it straight through in about 2 days.

  6. Ah, thanks for sharing the Dvorak piece--he's one of my favorite composers--The New World Symphony being one of my favorite songs. I share the same feeling about music and silence--though I first started my adult education as a music major! It's funny the paths we take to connect with certain aspects of ourselves and heal--until we don't need them anymore. Love to you!

  7. Oh! Julia Donaldson! Have you read The Snail and the Whale? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that one...and also, the Spiffiest Giant In Town...

    I really should do one of these...seeing as how I got a HUGE stack of books for Xmas....*cackles with glee*



    Here is my post share.

    Just recently found your blog and look forward to reading your post daily.

  9. I really like Julia Donaldson's books, another favourite of ours has been Monkey Puzzle. Read (red) that? Has WF had anything by Oliver Jeffers? His books are pretty sweet. And just discovered the best book by Mem Fox called the Goblin and the Wooden Chair (I think) - so great that one, M Fox really treats kids as the intelligent little beings they are in the way she's done this book...

  10. Laurie - I used to be really into Lennon, can't believe I've never read his biography.

    cypress sun - I'm goig to look up the film after I finish it. Although I haven't decided how I feel about the book yet.

    Anon - thanks!! uh-oh, bandwidth.....

    Wendy - thanks for introducing me to Rhapsody.
    Will look that Pratchett up - I'm so-so about him. But if you 'loved' it... hmmm, I'll check into it.

    Jenell - that's so fascinating - music major who loves silence. LOL You're so right though, about using what we need, and then letting it go. How many of us feel obligated to keep holding on though, right?

    Mel - Room on the Broom is our other fave. I'll check Spiffiest Giant. Thanks.

    Ruth - thanks for the recommendations. No, nothing by Jeffers and hadn't heard of that Mem Fox one. Ohhh, the wish lists groooow....

  11. Right now I'm reading Made From Scartch by Jenna Woginrich and I'm waiting for the new season of Big Love to start. :)

  12. Okay..done one..



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