Saturday, December 12

F.A.B.B Share

I really love hearing what others are reading or watching. I also like to see what your kids are reading too.
It's a weekend meme.

So, what are you and your family currently reading, watching, and/or listening to?


I finished The Red Tent (for our join-in-at-any-time online book club) and enjoyed it. My review is over here, and here's the discussion.

While away in England, I picked up a 2nd-hand copy of Holt's Why Children Fail. He's quite harsh and a little blinkered in attitude, but hey, it was written more than a few decades back. Otherwise, I found myself dog-earing so many pages. A very worthwhile read that is just as relevant today, although he was preaching to the converted here.

The new version is retitled How Children Fail.

I'm undecided about what to get stuck into next.

My 19 month-old girl:

Well, we bought several books via Amazon to be delivered in UK, but my fave was charity shop (thrift store) purchases. I found so many good books, in great condition too.

One of her favourites is Slinky Malinki, Lynley Dodd, and she enjoys The Fox's Hiccups, Nick Butterworth.

Slinky Malinki was blacker than black,
a stalking and lurking adventurous cat.

I'm not enamoured by either, but Slinky Malinky has great rhythm and hiccups are always fun. [edit: they have both grown on me and the girlchild continues to enjoy them]


I've snuck in episode 7 of Eastwick.

I haven't got into the latest SYTYCD - I had been looking for season 7, couldn't find it, and only now know it's actually season 6 *roll eyes* - but am enjoying the odd dance here and there highlighted by fellow bloggers.

Today Husband and I watched, for the first time, a bit of an oldie - Before Sunrise.

The Wildflower is enjoying Nick Butterworth's Percy the Park Keeper on DVD. I love seeing her face as she makes the connection between characters in a book who then appear on screen.

It's a gentle set of stories, very appropriate for little ones. Worth noting that they use English regional accents.


Inspired by Lisa to include another B...... blogs, why not, ay?

I was happy to hear that Carin, an old friend and loyal reader, started blogging again, she's now over at Created with Love.
You could lose hours at Fail Blog.(not for kiddies)
Interesting post..... Portion Distortion.
New blog.... Living the Frugal Life.

Add your link in the Comments if you've done your own.

Idzie at I'm Unschooled. Yes, I can Write.


  1. I've managed to get hold of three Holt books via eBay this week and was literally just going to pick up Why Children Fail but reached for the Laptop instead! I will let you know what I think.

    Rose is a huge Slinky Malinki fan (we have a very own real life version now called "Maddy the Baddy") and Hairy McLairy too.
    The older girls are currently glued to old episodes of "friends" and are making little time for books but DD3 has an entire library in bed with her every night. At the moment she has "501 Science Experiments" on the go so that should keep her busy for a while!
    As far as TV goes (for me), I haven't really been interested since Flash Forward was put on pause!

  2. Hey you. Thanks as ever - for sharing. Pleeeease can I borrow your copy of The Red Tent. I read Jenell's review and it really touched me. Thanks to you and your recommendation I found a new great place, lost hours yesterday & did some good 'taking stock'. Hugs. X

  3. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I so appreciate your thoughtful recommendations for children's books. My little daughter will smile when we read some of these books. I really want to read The Red Tent. It sounds fantastic.

  5. I did one. :-) Love this meme!

  6. hello again dear!
    I have been wanting to read the red tent, maybe now you have inspired me, i should look for it and read it.
    about the lockets, you just gave me an idea!!!!
    when i am ready, i will come back to visit you again for you to see the photos and then you tell me what do yout think, it is something very simple and unpretentious but unique.
    and i am going to make it the way anyone can make it and wear it, yes?
    take care and thank you!

  7. right now my 9 year old and I are reading The Lightning Thief, the first of several of the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan. My daughter has read them all, has them signed by the author, and we look forward to the movie in the early spring. My daughter just completed book 11 of 13 of Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events"; she has also read the Harry Potter series (all but the last 2 books) and of course she read "Twilight" too. I am currently reading "Grandmothers of Light: a medicine women's source book" - its about Native American spirituality and healing.


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