Thursday, November 12

Thankful Anyway Thursday

It's easy to be thankful for the good stuff, can you be thankful for the not so good?
(as serious or light-hearted as you like)
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We're off to England to visit family this coming Sunday.

Sounds like a great thing right? It's all about perspective.

Regulars around here know about our lack-of-sleep woes. My girl sleeps so badly, and is tired, and I'm so exhausted, that our days function best when we work with that.

It means being home when she's near her nap time. It means being home in a peaceful environment. It means home comforts to establish gentle routines and rituals, and experience the least amount of disruption.

And now we're headed to a new country, a new house, new people, new routines, and a new bed. I could cry just writing that list!

And... she gets car sick and we'll need to do two 2.5hr car journeys. And I struggle to sleep in new beds. And Autumn highlights my hermitness. And we're going to a celebration thingy that will involve 40+ people. And with the new child, everyone wants a piece of us so lots of visits or being visited. And what's been keeping me sane is blogging and that won't happen.

How could I possibly be more exhausted than I already am? Looks like I'm about to find out.

omg.... I'm hyperventilating.... breathe, breathe....

One of the perks was goin to be shopping - books and toys for the Wildflower that we just can't get here. But our finances are shakey and that's not going to happen much.

I don't not want to go exactly, but............... SIIIIIIIIGH.

Mary Cassatt, 1897, Breakfast in Bed

I am thankful for this shake-up anyway because
... it rattles my hermitness, which on occassion has got to be a balance thing right?
... it gives us a chance to evaluate new routines.
... it gives us the chance to see how well she travels on big journeys.
... it will force me to be creative about how we find fun.
... it will likely make us more thankful of this new home here, and our own relationships.

It's all about perspective.

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  1. Oh Mon, I totally know where you are coming from!! Traveling with a little one is a challenge and one which I too am going to have to face very very soon! And as far as the relatives and events go, I see this as a golden opportunity to master the art of flexibility as well as compassion and inner strength. Also, like you said, sometimes these events do make us realize how wonderful we actually have it at home!
    Good luck and enjoy the challenge :)

  2. I am hopeful that you can maintain your perspective and be delighted by unexpected wonderfulllneess on your journey! Sometimes when I am most sure of how something is bound to happen, life surprises me and interesting or fun things come about instead ... be OPEN and ReCeIve all that lies before you-good. bad or indifferent...:) Looking forward to hearing how your travels go...Be well... (and all else failing, Bach Flowers, Rescue Remedy is great for anxiety in a natural way! :))

  3. Oh honey! Sounds lke you had to dig deep to find stuff to be thankful for there... Like you said - it's all about perspective so you can choose to put your head in a good place (& hope your body comes along too!!) - try meditation to help you get the most out of every opportunity to sleep (car journeys etc). And you never know, what they say might actually be true: "a change is as good as a rest".... X

  4. I second the Rescue Remedy. Travel takes the breath out of me too. I wish you well and hope you get some sleep, and the little babe too.


  5. sense of humor....i find that is the one thing that carries me through these kinds of trips! lots and lots of humor.....

    that...and we sometimes read a chapter in a wayne dyer book on the way. (ironically, i picked this googy, but positive book up on the way to a family get together several years ago.) i think it's the power of intention. ch. 9 is about being authentic/peaceful with relatives. i guess i forget everything he has to say between trips!

  6. You definitely do need to find creative things to do on a big trip with kids. I'm sure you'll have a grand time. It's exciting to get out of your hermit state once in a while. I feel like I'm under house arrest these days :) Have a wonderful trip! Enjoy all that you experience.

  7. I find that too, about autumn and hermitness - it just sort of goes, doesn't it? But yes - it can be really good to get out of the normal cycle, and I've found it can re-energise you in a way that sleep just doesn't, if you know what I mean. Hope you manage to find the right rhythm for your trip, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that some bargain wooden toys cross your path.

  8. I third Rescue Remedy for the flight. It SAVED us on our last international 25 hour journey with two babies on our laps in economy...

    I also made up a calming tea and packed it into tea bags that I carried on. It really helped the little ones stay calm!

    And...England is lovely this time of year with all of the holiday spirit and the cosy, tuck up with a cup of tea weather!!!

    blessings for a happy flight!!

  9. I sympathise. May I suggest some kind of inner talisman that can ground you when you need it most? It's hard to explain ... um, for example, before you go, create a very short mantra you can say to yourself, and connect it with some peaceful imagery and calm deep breathing. So when you are feeling frazzled, you can whisper this mantra to yourself, eg "into the garden" or whatever, and it will trigger a peaceful image and calm breathing. I do this with myself and with my dd. Wildflower is probably too young.

    Sorry, there I go again with the trying-to-fix it! Sorry.

    Re the shopping - in earlier days I would have been as annoyed as you. But honestly, these days I truly believe the best toys cost very little - silk or muslin cloths, heavy paper or card for making paper dolls and animals, homemade playdough, riverstones and leaves, a good tree outside, etc. It sounds very cliched, but I'd truly rather have those things than any of the uber-expensive "Quality Toys" that we soulful parents have been tricked into buying just because they're wood. We'll see if I'm still saying the same thing when I go to England myself ;-)

  10. Oh Mon. I truly believe you will be oh-so pleasantly surprised with this change in everything. I can see you and WF window shopping, finding great parks or fountains and standing back instead of ready to pounce when your family loves your dearest little one to pieces. Just breathe and go with the flow. Can't wait to hear about your trip xoxo

  11. Yes, I think rattling your hermitness is probably a good thing. And even if it's rough, you'll be making memories for yourselves. I do hope someone will be willing to watch the Wildflower and let you take some naps while you're out there. How long will you be away from your blog?

  12. Thanks everuone. I'll deal with it, it's what I do, lol. But my intuition is saying it'll be rough.

    Lisa - I'll be away 3 weeks, but hopefully I'll manage to pop in for a couple of posts. I think one of the neighbouring relatives has a PC & is online. ;)

  13. Oh Mon, I'm sorry to hear your intuition is saying it's going to be rough, but totally understandable all things considered. So I'll be thinking of you, hoping you make some wonderful memories for yourself and the Wildflower, and find the change of scenery invigorating rather than challenging.


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