Monday, November 2

shouting out

I'm still catching up with the new blog design, updating links and so forth. I have a new menu area for posts that I wanted to collect together. So you can now check all my personal and reader favourites. Parenting, child astrology (I will return to complete these I promise), crochet, and you can see where I'll be going with my Shadow series.
We're on our first discussion for book club mamas, if you haven't heard about this.

And now for other blogs.

New places and lovely people I've met relatively recently:
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Debs has returned to blogger at muddy bare feet
Carla at Ripened Mama
I know I'm forgetting someone....

And from the sidebars -

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Art/Crafts Kids:

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Bloggy requests

I know that a couple of bloggers I visit have had problems with spam in the past. generally, most bloggers don't, nor does it happen often. I've been blogging for 5+ years and only once had a problem (which resulted in 200+ comments to delete!).

Anyway, on my bloghopping days, after typing in the word verification (supposedly to stop spam comments) for the 15th time, I tend to be irked. Now, if you insist on having it fine, pro-choice me. However, I know that many blogegrs don't even realise they have it, because we we don't see it on our own blogs. So if you're happy to do without it, please consider checking your settings and getting rid of it.
Go to Dashboard
click Settings
click Comments
Scroll down to > Show word verification for comments?
click No
click Save Settings.

Second thing... allowing everyone to comment. Along with that, comment moderation.
Again, if this is an issue for you, fine. But do we need to be so paranoid in a public domain? I'm quite happy to have Anonymous comments - the more points of views and stories the better I feel. We have the ability to delete something inappropriate anyway. So if it isn't an issue, consider being more welcoming.
Also, or at least, allowing name/url, as many visitors are coming from other blogging formats. A wordpress user friend mentioned that as she wasn't a Blogger blogger, she often had no way of leaving a comment, let alone tracing back to the right blog.

I do have comment moderation, but for posts older than 10 days, so that I don't miss anyone's comment. It's really comment notification for me.

Well, it's a full moon in Taurus, are you surprised at such a pragmatic post?


  1. What a lovely bunch of blogs! :-)

    Yeah, word verification is rather annoying... I was rather sad when I had to add it to my blog, but I was getting too much spam, and when I added word verification, that problem disappeared entirely! So sometimes it is, regrettably, necessary...

  2. This is a great post - so much wonderful information! I have several new links open now and am about to go off and explore ...

    I've never had a serious problem with spam over the past six years or so, probably because my blog is so tiny, but I'd better go and recheck that I don't have word verification. I really agree with you about that. It especially annoys me when it comes up so I start typing .... then it reloads with a new word and I lose all I've typed.

    I don't mind if people want to moderate comments but I will say it absolutely kills all spirit of conversation for me. I never go back and check on those comments. It feels like they've just disappeared.

  3. I'm so excited to be listed along with some really great blogs...thanks to you and yay for me! That was the kick in the arse I needed to get hubby on the task or redesigning it..or should I say designing it..ha!

  4. I don't like word verification, either. It's annoying, but oh, well. I like my little system, which is to use comment moderation only for those who haven't had a previously approved comment. In other words, once you're in, you're in. That way I can prevent inappropriate comments from being posted, as well as annoying pingbacks, but without doing the word verification. I still would prefer not to have the moderation, but then I have to constantly moderate the comments to make sure nothing bad gets through (trying to keep my blog family-friendly). It's working well for me, I hope it's working okay for my readers!

  5. Thanks for this roundup - loads of links there I'd missed before - and thanks for including me! I don't find the word verification on blogger too bad compared to some other sites - it can be totally illegible sometimes! :D xxx

  6. Oh, goodie, more to read! I'll consider undoing the word verification thing. I do agree with Debs that Blogger's is less annoying than others. I like that you can at least usually pronounce it like a fake-o word, which makes typing it in easier (for me).

  7. Thanks for listing those blogs. You definitely gave me a few new ones to check out. And ... good point about the comment moderation. I never really thought about it before. I switched mine off. Peace.

  8. I'm glad that I got rid of word verification a while ago. I think my blogging friends are happier too :) Thanks for listing all those great blogs. I love finding new places to visit!

  9. I've said this before but I'll say it again, I so appreciate you and your blog, it's my hub for information, and a bounty of wonderful links...oh if only I had the time to peruse every single one. Here is such a great resource. my no.1. Thank you :)

    Thanks for my comment on words... it's not the fridge (did I tell you we don't need to use a fridge because we live in one?) but a side of the filing cabinet that I just discovered is magnetic - joy! SO I had this set of 'healing' words that I put up. Though I noticed the word 'hope' lurking around in the background to that wee poem (a lot of which is pretty generic...a couple of lines more unique tho). I have 'issues' with the word 'hope' so this has made me want to re photograph without the word hope in view... oh the virgo in virgo neurosis... :P

  10. Thanks for great and informative post and thanks for the mention too :)

  11. you have the best mama blog list around, hands down (and I'm not just saying that 'cuz I'm on it!)...I'm with you on the kill word verification efforts...can't wait to see the rest of your astrology posts...and finally, I really liked the video on praising you have posted, missed it before, had DH watch it too, praise 'effort not outcome' is a happy medium that makes sense to me most of the time, although I suppose that can be overdone too, and kids can get addicted to that kind of praise too...

  12. you crack me up -- love the closing of this piece.

    and! my word verification is off...

    thanks for the mention, I'm looking forward to visiting some new folks!

  13. I just watched that how to praise children video on your sidebar, and I really love it. Thank you for sharing it. It makes such a clear distinction on two different ways of praising and the effects thereof.

  14. As a non-blogspot user, I second all your bloggy requests! part of the reason I appreciate wordpress is it's ability to remember my info from one wp blog to the next without being logged in and its absence of word verification. WP also allows me to blacklist IP addresses, put moderation only on some commenters, and only moderates the first comment from a person.

    i feel like this: if we're blogging in hopes of connecting with others we should take it upon ourselves to maintain our blog, which means a bit of work deleting spam or handling comments. but for goodness sake, to have both word verification and comment moderation is frustrating for readers who wish to participate in the discussion.

  15. can i also add that the new blogspot comment box (the same one that you use) is so very glitchy!


  16. TaraIt is? I've never experienced any probs. What happens?

  17. Thanks for mentioning me too! You have no idea how honored I feel from such a wise mama! I agree with the comment visual verification. It frustrates me at times too. I don't think I have it on my WP blog......


  18. I've had the same glitchiness issues as Tara (I assume). I often have to click submit 2-3 times to get it to "take." I do it, but I wonder if other people stop after one try? (I'm on a Mac, fwiw, & use Safari, Firefox, Opera, depending on how many windows I have saved open in each.)

  19. Thanks for that. Will look into it. Have never had that problem. I agree that some would give up.

  20. Ya know Mon, your space here is my go vault for knowledge.

    Thanks for the declare~:-)

  21. Thanks for the shout out! And for being so real about comments!

  22. i wish blogspot would notify me of new comments after mine! lol

    when i click "post comment" it says there was an error and i have to hit it again. thankfully it doesn't delete my comment, so i don't have to rewrite it!

    i'm using internet explorer and it happens with nearly every blog that uses this comment box. it never happens with other comment formats. definitely a blogspot thing. maybe you can send them an email and see if there is something they can fix?

  23. I contacted a couple of people with Blogger and they said it's most likely the users 3rd-party cookie issue.

    That's te best answer I got, sorry.

  24. thanks for the mention here.

    oh and thanks for another 12 hours sucked from my life checking out all these other fantastic blogs.....kidding.

    love the look by the way.


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