Tuesday, November 17

Mama Records #4

So you're a year and a half! This will be a big post for you my heart.

Maths & Science chuckle

You count to three and love doing so. Any time something to count appears there you are. For some reason you enjoy counting mama's teeth and request my grin to count.

On the 26th October you said yellow ball, about your yellow ball, and later brought us a yellow disc. We're not 100% sure if you understand yellow as a colour. I could have sworn green would have been first, as you perked up when I said that frogs were green.

You understand and say; empty, round, circle, going round, big, small, line, spots, on, in, off, more, up, down, upside down, square.

Your puzzle skills are a little below your age range. Not sure if it's a motor skills issue or your impatience. But you enjoy them anyway. Your cellphone skills are unmatched though....


You have no problem communicating all the basics and more. get ball, bus on, finished, itch-bitten (mosquito bite), fell down, more banya (banana), watch Maisy, frog jumping, read book, different games, tired....bed, - this must make so much difference to your easily frustrated nature.

Although you said 3-word sentences last month, you don't seem so interested in building on that, but your vocabulary grows daily, and once in a while you'll throw in a 4-word sentence just for laughs it seems. man kick the ball, Ralph the cat eating


You added zebra to your animal vocab repertoire.
These are the ones you can name:
dog, seagull, cat, puppy, rabbit, duck, goose, fox, eagle, bumble bee, peacock, caterpillar, butterfly, bird, cow, pig, sheep, goat, penguin, whale, beetle, spider, flamingo, cricket, bear, elephant, tiger, wolf, zebra, owl, ladybug, mouse, dolphin, fish, frog, crab, horse, monkey, hippo, lion, turtle, polar bear, panda, snake, seal, chicks, bat, crocodile, grasshopper, kangaroo, dragonfly, hamster, badger, otter...

You enjoy pointing to your body parts, especially your arm. You know; head, hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, teeth, face, arm, hands, fingers, boob, belly, belly-button, bottom, knee, leg, foot, toes, elbow. You point to them on yourself and on others. You've known most of these for months now. And tail, for animals.

Nature words you say: moon, stars, wind, clouds, sun, water, fire, leaf, flower, plants, tree, rainbow, stones, mountain, puddle, cave, lilypad, dirt, web, stick, rain, snow, haystack, grain, acorn,

We've roughly worked out that you have a conservative minimum of 190 intelligible words (about 2.5 yrs level).


You have a bottom fixation at the moment. You enjoy slapping your own and announcing it's your bottom when your diaper is changed.
And when mama was bending over to retrieve a toy from under the sofa, you were 'round the back, hugged my butt and said mamas bottom, nice bottom. I doubt that the kiss and hug would have got there so quickly if you had said big bottom instead.

Around 25th Oct your first incisor pushed through. Although we've heard these can be tough, it doesn't seem to be bothering you anywhere as badly as your molars. Subsequently, we're having a lovely month.

Hurt and ouches have required kisses these last couple of months. Often requiring kisses on all limbs, just to make sure apparently. And it didn't take long for you to discover the word 'another'. So anana knee needs kissing too. ;)

It's taken a loooong time for you to finally slow down before fetching things from under tables, so as not to bump your head. But you've grown tall enough to bump the dining table now!

On a nice sunny Sunday, after a week of rain, we went out for a walk. The trampolines near the seaside hadn't been taken down from the summer and as there were boys who had snuck in, your tata snuck in and took you in. You LOVE to bounce and after your usual cautious start, you loved it. We can't wait to get you a trampoline. Jumping on the bed is one of your favourite games.

Although you will bop when you hear music, you don't seem particurlaly bothered either with dancing or music.

You really dislike being restricted and kick off bed clothes and often ask off about your own clothes, you nudist! You do become warm easily though. It can be a struggle getting you dressed.

You have the craziest hair ever. None can tame it.

Eating solids is still an issue. Once your molars came through you have been the most interested. But it's very slow going, especially with your caution of anything new. You are willing to try new things, which is great, but often dislike them!
Mama has made a routine of giving you your own spoon, watching Maisy, and pointing out the teddy on the jar of food. *roll eyes* It's helped though and you actually look forward to it. Mostly fruit right now, and you like ham. Love bananas and grapes (which require peeling and deseeding *more eye rolling*). Best of all, you will ask for these things now.

You're still getting car-sick, although it isn't too bad. Possibly even better than it used to be, not sure. Mama sits in the back with you still, and has a cloth ready.


You're bored silly with simple games. Like when you finally stacked some blocks, the look on your face seemed to say - 'now what?' Silks, coloured blocks, etc, just don't do it for you. You're detailed orientated and like small buttons to push or bits to pull. You're also very physical.

Physically, you're happiest either kicking or throwing a ball, playing tumble and bounce, tickle games, or running and spinning. At the moment, there's way too much throwing, ahem.
Mentally, you're happiest reading, handling books, using a cell phone, gameboy, digital camera, abacus, anything with small parts and details.

Although large circles are standard fair, this is what you lose yourself in... and on the 28th you learnt wiggly lines.

You understand to draw on request - line, small circle, big circle, spots, wiggly line.

Although we've suspected for a very long time, and then known for quite a few months, we've formally announced it to one another - you're left-handed.


Your Virgo moon is very obvious in how you need a little time to warm up to new situations. You're not shy, just cautious. I must admit to liking your look-before-you-leap approach. Once you've decided all is well, you can be chatty. Although you're often quiet as you enjoy observing others.
You're comfortable saying hello and goodbye to visitors, and to shop assistants. Once you said thankyou as we left a shop, much to mine and the assistant's surprise.

You don't understand the concept of not sharing. It might be your nature, or partly because we have never grabbed things from you, or that we have made a thing about giving and taking to each other, and always say thankyou to you. It's caused you some confusion as the other children you happen know are attached to their toys. You're happy to give things up, but if you really want something, you will defend your right to have it.


You're a happy child, and love to laugh. You're easily frustrated and impatient though, so this causes frequent upsets. You alternate between loudness and a lot of quiet moments just flicking through books or examining a new object.

You're still my velcro baby and need constant physical reassurance.

You're vey sure of what you like and dislike, ever since you were a newborn. There's no convincing you otherwise.

You've come up with a coping strategy. Whenever you do something that you know we don't like (throwing a hard object across the room and hitting are really the only things), or when there's too much stimulation, you shut your eyes.
I don't think that you're highly sensitive, but you are so very observant and highly spirited that it can become too much. I feel that our quiet days together are good for you.

You seem to feel safe crying and tantruming (once a fortnight), and mama is so very happy about this. You seem to understand that there's nothing wrong with either, then you get them out of your system, and finish with a cuddle.


On Nov 13th, we held a tiny dedication ritual. You are now a child of Nature. Mama found a heart-shaped leaf and cut the first lock of your hair.

Just before you turned 19 months old, we flew off to England to visit baba and deda that you saw last in July. And lots of other relatives and friends will be showering you with love.

This is a scheduled post - I'm not here. I'm visiting in UK, but I'll read your lovely comments if I get a chance or on my return.


  1. reading these posts is like a trip down memory lane for me - I recognize both of my children in your little girl....*wistful sigh*.....although I'm glad the teething bit is over...:)

    hope the trip is going well..:)

  2. i love reading these too. you've motivated me to be more thorough w/Z's (on his blog).

  3. I loved reading this post! Funnily enough most of our day today has been spent reading some diaries I wrote to Emily when she was a baby.She found them again(we have read through them time and time again) in the bookcase and just loves to hear how she learnt various things and all the ordinary day to day things we did:-) xx

  4. So lovely...just getting caught up here, so commenting on many posts...loved the blog/information decluttering also...so true that we have to clear space for creativity to come forth..
    Hope you are having/had a wonderul trip, missing you already:-)

  5. hehe about the bum love.
    And she's a virgo moon too - how great :)!
    I'm sure her motor skills will catch up re the puzzle age range thing, such ranges are simply a guide and I'm sure you don't subscribe completely to such things anyway :) and that you would notice if something in WF appeared to be developmentally curtailed... But I suppose age ranges have their uses... like for extending play ideas for age groups especially...
    This will be such a great record for you both to read one day :)

  6. I'm feeling quite nostalgic about my own girl's early years reading this. It's triggering memories for me And I was giggling about her enthusiasm for bums too...

    I love the sound of the dedication ritual. Beautiful.

  7. I love the way you write your "mama records." I'm considering changing mine because I love how it is like you are talking to your daughter. It's so sweet.

  8. Her vocabulary is impressive! She'll be a great writer like her Mama :) It's so lovely that you write these beautiful milestones and discoveries about your daughter. Your love is so evident in these posts.


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