Saturday, November 14

F.A.B Share

I really love hearing what others are reading or watching. I also like to see what your kids are reading too. Although I joined in on one book sharing meme a while back, it's unconnected to everyone else.
It's a weekend meme.

So, what are you and your family currently reading, watching, and/or listening to?


I'm still on The Red Tent (for our join-in-at-any-time online book club). I'm sorry to have to leave it behind, but I need the space for the new books I'm bringing back. Still enjoying it.

My 19 month-old girl:

We received these books a couple of months ago. While she's always liked them, she's suddenly enthralled in them. The ink and water colour illustrations are very charming, and easy on young eyes too.


A goose with favourite red boots.

Gossie and Gertie
Gossie has bright red boots. Gertie has bright blue boots. They are best friends.

Ollie is an egg. Ollie wont come out.

Ollie the Stomper

Ollie wants boots too!

She enjoys these so much two of these are the books we're taking for the trip.

There's also Gossie and Friends Board Book Set, which seems good value.


I've watched as much Eastwick, as my bandwidth could take. Okay, and as much as is available right now anyway. Lurve it much.

And we're one episode away from completing Season 4 of Lost. Not even a great show. But a friend bought the whole season and we don't watch any other TV. It's so bizarre from the beginning that they could include any twist and it would be acceptable. And if you're a fan, did you know they've got a Lostpedia?!

Add your link in the Comments if you've done your own.


We're leaving Sunday afternoon, for 3 weeks. I'll try to get online to touch base and get my blogging fix in. I have a few scheduled posts too. Just to keep this baby ticking over as it were.


  1. Actually I did a book review today too - although I'm a little embarrassed to admit the book I am reading.

    I keep meaning to get The Red Tent from the library.

    Have you ever visited Painted Rainbows & Chamomile Tea? Nina hasn't blogged for months but her archives would probably enthrall you.

  2. I know, she has a great blog. Wish she would return.

  3. I added some of these to Z's wish list.

    Wow -- 3 weeks!!! I hope you have a great time..


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