Sunday, November 8

F.A.B Share

I really love hearing what others are reading or watching. I also like to see what your kids are reading too. Although I joined in on one book sharing meme a while back, it's unconnected to everyone else.
I was wary about starting yet another meme, but I really want to discover more books, especially for my girl.
Although I'll write it for the weekend, I'm not going to make it a specific day. That way you can add to it any day of the week, and I'll feature that post thoughout the week too. Make sense?

So, what are you and your children currently reading, watching, and/or listening to?


I recently started The Red Tent (for our join-in-at-any-time online book club) and am already hooked. It seems to have come at the perfect time.

My 18 month-old girl has recently received:

A Frog in a Bog, which she is slowly warming too, but I find the watercolour illustrations a little vague for a very young one. Good for 2+yrs.

.... and The Flea's Sneeze, which she loves, especially the whole ach-ooooo business. I really like the illustrations and the text is bouncy enough for a parent to read over and over again. The clear pics of the animals makes it fun for her to pick them out and name them. Good for 1-5 yrs.


I've been on a period drama kick recently, and am working my way through Daniel Deronda on youtube, and for fun, have also watched the first episode of Eastwick, but those particular uploads eat massively into my bandwidth, boohoo.


  1. Have you tried Surf the Channel? It's a streaming site so no downloading. Quality isn't always brilliant, but it's generally ok, sometimes it just means clicking on a few links to see which is the best.


  2. Great idea. I've been thinking of chatting about a couple of things I've been reading and watching, so good meme for it.

    For some entirely weird reason, which is my unfathomable own, I just couldn't get into Daniel Deronda (screen I mean, as I enjoyed the book). Even though it's a fine production an' all. Just couldn't. Eastwick however...

    Among the books I'm delving into is The Red Tent. I am re-reading it (having read it the first time 'round in '04). 5 years later it has even greater resonance for me than the first time round. Look forward to chatting with you about it over at Bookclub Mamas later in the month.

    From memory, at the Wildflower's age, The Moon had a fascination for 'Piglet and Mama', 'Maisie', 'Peepo', 'Big Mama Makes the World', and 'Where is the Green Sheep?' And anything by Julia Donaldson.

  3. The Red Tent is great! If you love that one, you might also like The Wind Beneath Her Feet. I just finished reading a few Waldorf education books, and I'm in a study group where we are reading together Steiner's Reincarnation and Karma. I'm enjoying watching Flash Forward and Glee on TV. Two new shows that are well-written and wonderful to watch!

  4. I'm about to start Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran. Looks good. My daughter is reading a bunch of Dora books with me each night. I'm a BIG fan of So You Think You Can Dance and Project Runway. Happy Sunday!!

  5. Ah...The Red the Prologue sitting in the car today while I was waiting for the arrival of our latest foster hound....the synchronicity of this book is fairly terrifying...enjoying it muchly...

    In our nightly reading session, Savannah and I are reading our way through the Bella Sara books (girly, horsey fluff-books), we're currently on chapter 5 of Jewel's Magic. She does the reading on an assortment of early-reading books we've been getting from the library as well. Sebastian is very into his I Spy books...they have a new line that do word AND picture clues and he's starting to make the connection between the printed word and the object!! Yay, child-led learning...;)

    Watching Eastwick...watched episode 3 last night..LOVING it..:)

    Listening to....shamanic drumming and a CD of native Canadian chants....REALLY helping with some inner journeying and general relaxation/meditation..

    This is such fun....

    Oh, were we supposed to do our own post and not clutter up your comments....? :)

  6. Loved the red tent! Such an amazing book... i am not reading anything now. But loving Mad Men on TV...

  7. I'm reading The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley..wishing it were The Red Tent... I hate how-to books...

    Z loves the board books Little Green & Hippos go Berserk - and Little Cloud. We still have a hard time with non board books I'm a little jealous that you are able to read them with your little one.

  8. love this meme, I will definitely do some once I get back to for now, I am reading The Red Tent, of course! And Occult America, a non-fiction about all the various alternative spirituality and occult groups that emigrated or developed in the U.S....fascinating stuff (to me anyway!)
    Some cute recent kids book we have read are Fanny, about a girl who makes her own doll when her mother will not let her have a 'Connie' (aka Barbie) doll...and Lotus and the Golden Pearl, about a girl learning about what it means to make and live peace on an island of talking animals...
    As for TV, So You Think You Can Dance!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing! This is great. Hope to see individual posts in the future too.

    cypress sun - that Little Green is now on our wish list.

    Lisa - added Lotus and the Golden Pearl to our future list.

  10. The Red Tent sounds like a god read. I shall have to check into it. Ronin and I are reading a lot of The Three Questions by Jon J. Muth. It turned out to be my very favorite book purchase of the month. Rhiannon and I are both loving Glee and using it as some fun mommy daughter snuggle time on Wednesday nights. I seem to be in the middle of leaving one book behind and finding another but Where the Wild Things Are by Dave Eggers may be up next. :)

  11. I forgot to add Isla (Arthur Dorros) of my long time favorites. I used this one with ESL students and they loved it too.

    Also, Sara Hickman Toddler...some of if gets on my last nerve, but the little guy loves it. Songs and stories intermixed, by a local artist.

    Do you have an online wishlist that friends/family can check before buying? We are thinking about putting this on Z's blog...and attempting to persuade family to buy only books!

  12. Thanks for the extra ttitles chook!

    Actually good reminder about the wishlist, thanks. It occured to me that I could start one just for my girl and if family actually gets around to checking online (which is why I haven't bothered to date) and I will let them know, then at least we'll get a book we want.

  13. I'm loving Eastwick, too! The 7th epi already played here, and I missed it, due to its disappearance on Hulu and ABC, but hopefully, it will come out on the link you and Nettles provided...eventually! It seems to be unavailable at this point.


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