Friday, November 13

Crochet: toddler's lilac winter cardigan

My first piecing together work! Man, it's not easy. The crocheting was a piece of cake, but there were no instructions on exactly how to go about the sewing it all together.

So it's clumsy, and I accidentally sewed on one sleeve with the seam facing out. *roll eyes*

Following the easy free pattern meant the sleeves were too wide for my slim little Wildflower (although it's a wide style, it was still too much). And getting the sleeves to be just the right size for the openings wasn't the easiest thing either. One came out too bunched up after I sewed it on.

It seems easy, crochet some pieces and then sew them together. Perhaps not so bad for flat squared pieces, but when you start adding rounded pieces and dimensions..... eeek.

Pattern sample >

Unfortunately, I don't really know how I would improve on it. I still don't know how to best put it together. There were these angles on the fronts and back and I've no idea how they were meant to work with the sleeves at all.

picot edging on top part

The part that wasn't of my doing was the yarn. Lovely colourway but has little drape, and I can see from the pattern picture the yarn they use has a nice soft drape.

But it was fun, and I learnt a lot about appreciating the details, even like weaving in endless ends. Yes, truly. And it's wearable.

Look not helped by a reluctant model...

Working on a matching beret......

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  1. it's adorable! way to go, Mon! nad yes, what a lovely color.

  2. i love this, its very pretty on :)

  3. Very pretty! And those wide sleeves may come in handy when you're doing the layered things in a wet and windy UK.

  4. I think it looks lovely. Good job.

  5. Cute, I do love that pattern. I've had trouble with items turning out too wide, especially for my skinny 17mo. The first sweater I knit turned out horribly wide and short:( At least kids look cute in everything!

  6. At least it's wearable. I think we've been spoiled by all the manufactured clothing we buy. Nothing wrong with a little "character"! I want to try a sweater for Michael sometime.

  7. Hooray for you Mon, for having the courage to take on this project! I think your little wildflower looks so adorable in it :D

  8. p.s.
    Now you make me want to go and learn to read patterns-lol!
    I'm off to check out the site :D

  9. It´s beautiful, and your baby looks gorgeous! I wish i coul do something like that, but i´m not there yet, so i fully appreciate your work and efforts as well as your courage to go through it even when it´s not so simple.

  10. Mon, that's adorable! Really awesome. Your little one looks so cute. I wish I could make that!

  11. You have such a gift! I envy you! My mom's been trying to teach me for years...




  12. Cute! I really like the yarn you picked. I've had those eye rolling moments and you just want to scream when you realize. :O)

  13. the pattern & the model are beautiful! :)

  14. Mon - it looks gorgeous on the Wildflower! She's a poppet. Hot damn woman - that's some clever work there. I've tried piecing knitting together. It gets thrown in many different directions. Ahem...


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